An Introduction To Platform Lifts

A vertical platform lift is a mobility aid for wheelchair users. Generally, they are designed to be more compact and travel at reduced velocities than passenger lifts. Platform lifts can put in a variety of environments however are best fitted for low rise properties.

Platform Lift’s Characteristics

Platform lifts, or otherwise referred to as wheelchair lift platforms, cater to smaller sized passenger group sizes travelling shorter distances. Their speed is restricted to 0.15 m/s, making them far better fitted for vertical transport in a low level building.

Typically, the traveling time for a platform lift is 22 seconds. An advantage that platform lifts offer over guest lifts can be found in their setup. A much smaller floor space is called for, thus allowing their setup in a lot of buildings.

Platform Lift Operation

Hydraulic Power Driven

All platform lifts run based upon hydraulic power, with electrical power being supplied from a close-by outlet. Electric power is transformed into hydraulic energy, which then powers a drive mast. This raises or lowers the platform to the chosen level.

Individual Control

Platform lifts are user handled, featuring easy to use switches interface on the control panel that allows the mobility device user to route the drive mast. Two possible operations happen when a user presses a certain floor.

  • The draft shaft uses hydraulic power to pull the platform lift up to the appropriate elevation if the level is greater than the current level which the lift is at.
  • If the level is below, then the drive releases hydraulic tension, thus enabling the platform lift to slowly slide down to the lower floor.

How the Pulley System works

Imagine the drive mast as a large pulley that the platform sits on top of. When an elevated floor is chosen, this pulley turns in one direction, drawing in metal cable and hence causing the platform to rise. Alternatively, when the lift is to descend, this pulley rotates in the contrary direction, hence enabling the platform to be lowered by the cords.

Are Platform Lifts Safe?

Platform lifts are reliable for both adults and children provided that they have been installed by a qualified specialist. Other than proper instalment, your professional would educate you on the safety standards, procedure and weight limitations of the platform lift. It is crucial that you recognize with these.

Installation of Platform Lifts

When incorporating a platform lift into your building, a critical variable to account for is your chosen contractor. Proper planning and handiwork are critical to ensuring that the lift is safe to use and provides a smooth journey for its users. As such, it is important that you get your chosen vendor to perform onsite surveys and planning before you agree to engaging them for any installation works.

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