DIY Equipment Review: Kubota Ultra-Compact Excavator K008-3

The Kubota UC K008-3 is in a class of its own to say the least. This ‘little monster’ weighing at only 2,200 pounds (approx. 1000 KGs), about 9 foot in length, slightly more than 7 feet in height and about 3 feet wide is the perfect machine for small construction sites. This machine’s small footprint makes it even capable of being used in indoor or confined spaces. Even the track width is adjustable between 2 feet 10 inches and 2 feet 4 inches which allows the Kubota K008-3 mini excavator to go through narrow gates or corridors at small construction sites. Even the excavator’s blade’s width is as adjustable as the track and be made as narrow as the track which will allow the operator to manoeuvre the machine quite easily in tight spaces. Changing the width of the blade is made possible via a two-way lever that allows operators to switch between adjusting either the blade or track width. The excavator’s light weight is attributed to the rubber tracks which enable the K008-3 to be used on pavements and even landscaped project sites without causing damage. However, it is would be good to know that rubber tracks are not as sturdy as steel tracks and hence would not be suitable for working on rough and uneven surfaces.

The Kubota mini/ compact excavator is fitted with a three-cylinder 44 cc engine (diesel powered) that is capable of generating 10 horsepower. Although this may not seem powerful, the output of its engine relative to size is quite powerful. The engine is also compliant to the EPA’s 2008 emission regulations (Tier IV). The design of the engine is also quite practical compared to other excavators making it accessible for servicing easily. The quick access hatch allows the operator or maintenance crew to access the battery, radiator, fuel filter, air cleaner and coolant very easily.

As for mobility, the Kubota mini excavator is configured with 1.2 mph and 2.5 mph travel speeds linked to a special pedal for each mode of speed. These two ‘accelerator’ pedals are flanked by pedal that is used for operating the boom swing. Despite the fact that the Kubota K008-3 is an ultra-compact excavator, the operator’s area is spacious and comfortable complete with a contoured operator’s seat and a foldable frame. However, the Kubota mini excavator has no cover or a cab which means that the operators will be exposed to the elements, making the Kubota not so practical in moody weather. The machine also does not come with a heater or an air conditioning unit which as mentioned above makes it impractical to be used in foul weather.

In general, the K008 is a perfect choice when you are looking to hire an excavator, it is exceptionally versatile and delivers a good level of versatility and power to boot making it perfect for minor landscaping or building jobs.  Again, it is however an impractical machine to be used in rugged terrain due to its rubber tracks, but makes it perfect for ‘fragile ground’ or for landscaping projects.


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