Most well guarded secrets about snow removal service

Small areas covered with a small amount of snow are usually cleaned by hand. For this, snow shovels and scrapers are used. The presence of ice on the road or porch steps is also impossible to clean using technology. The adjoining territory of a private house, a porch of a garden or a small area in front of a store does not imply mechanized snow removal, due to the inexpediency of the funds spent. And there is no way to remove the snow that fell during the night on your own. For such cases, there is a manual snow removal service.

If, nevertheless, you are faced with the task of removing snow not from the path from the fence to the porch, but to clear snow from the parking area of ​​a shopping center or a loading area at a manufacturing enterprise, then it is worth ordering a mechanized cleaning service. For its implementation, snow blowers, tractors and loaders, dump trucks are used. With the help of this technique, snow removal and removal is carried out quickly and efficiently, even after a heavy snowfall.

Professional snow removal consists of cleaning driveways, roadways, parking lots, sidewalks and other adjacent areas. Snow masses are raked into heaps located along the path of the vehicle or immediately placed into a dump truck. At the end of the work, the snow is removed from the cleared area.

In addition to snow removal from the surrounding area, the company by provides services for removing snow from roofs.

Snow removal cost

The cost of the service, of course, depends on the volume of work performed and the equipment used. The calculation is based on the area of ​​the site subject to snow removal, as well as the need for manual labor or the use of large snow removal equipment. The service of one-time cleaning and snow removal is somewhat more expensive than concluding a cleaning contract for a subscription service. Affordable price with flat cleaning fee sq. m of territory – the advantage of this company, no hidden fees.

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