Everything You Should Know About Accessible Bathrooms

An accessible bathroom is extremely important if you have handicapped people at home. They should feel safe and have everything they need in the bathroom to avoid any fatal injury. The things should be within their reach so that they do not need help when nobody else is at home. The concept of an accessible bathroom is well-thought since it caters to everybody’s needs. One should plan properly before designing an accessible bathroom. One should take advice from an interior designer who can provide proper advice regarding building an accessible bathroom.

It is important to look after the quality of the materials used while designing an accessible bathroom. One should also make sure that the price is not extremely high. All of this can be well taken care of if the people have the proper information. Here are a few things you should know about if you want to make your bathroom more accessible:

Bathroom sink and vanity distance

The sink should be placed at a height that can be reached easily. The mirror should also be placed at a lower distance. While building the vanity, one should use sturdy furniture. The vanity should be closer to the sink so that the person does not have to face many difficulties while brushing their teeth or grooming themselves.

Sufficient lighting

If you want to make your bathroom more accessible, one of the key points to keep in mind while building it is to look after the quality of the lights. There should be sufficient lighting in the bathroom so that everything is visible properly. The lights should also be of good quality. Lighting is the most important factor in the bathroom because if one cannot see properly, there are chances of accidents.

Accessible shower

While designing the bathroom, make sure that the shower is accessible as well. The shower should either have no curb or be a short one. It should not be taller than half inches. Instead of building a door, use a shower curtain as it is easier to use. You can also install a shower seat with grab bars on both sides, making it easier for the bather to comfortably enter and take a shower. The shower controls can be installed close to the entrance so that somebody else can turn them on without entering the bathroom.

These important points can help you build a comfortable accessible bathroom. You can also equip these bathrooms with the latest technology that makes work much easier. Designing the accessible bathroom properly is extremely crucial.

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