How to Transform Your Bathroom into a Spa  

For urban dwellers, the idea of going to the local spa on the weekends may seem to be a dream far away. For most, the Saturday morning drive to your appointment, only to find the spa busy and packed with tired workers as well, and the traffic on the way back home can be all too unnerving rather than relaxing.

Thankfully, there are some ways to bring the spa right into your house. That only involves two primary components: your bathroom, and a little creativity.

Cleanliness helps relax

The first step to recreating the atmosphere of a spa is by removing the clutter in your bathroom. Wipe tiles clean, organise your bathroom sink, and toss used towels in the washer. Nobody wants to relax in a messy environment.

Afterwards, close all doors and windows, and dim any source of light. Having a dimly lit room is more relaxing compared to a bright room. If you plan to relax in the morning, perhaps turning off the lights and letting a little sunshine in from the windows may be an excellent alternative to artificial lighting.

The power of temperature

One of the things that all spa houses have in common is that their rooms are always perfectly warm. You can recreate this in your bathroom by turning up the heat using your hot water tap, and then letting it run to produce steam. If you have a steam shower, you can use this too.

If you have multiple bathrooms in the house, you may want to use the smallest one so that the room will take less time and energy to warm up. You can also use rolled up towels to block air leaks such as door edges to block out cold air from the outside. That is especially useful if the weather is unusually cold.

Candles and scents

To make your experience better, you may light scented candles and even use essential oils in your makeshift spa. If you are using matches to light the candles, make sure to store the matches outside as the steam inside the bathroom can ruin the entire box.

You can arrange for other additional elements as well that you think will complete your relaxation, like music. Just be sure to remove all sources of distraction, pieces of jewellery, and other accessories so you can fully unwind.

Completing your spa experience 

Before and after having your sauna or steam bath, take a warm shower to cleanse your skin. That completes your spa experience, and you do not even have to step out of the house and drive for hours and get stuck in traffic for it.

Sit in a comfortable position in your steam room, close your eyes, and allow your body to relax.

It always helps to give yourself time to relax regularly. Besides the obvious health benefits of steam showers, relaxation, and distressing, having something to look forward to on the weekends will keep you motivated in work throughout the week.

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