Gambrel Shed Plans 12×16

Are you interested in gambrel shed plans 12×16 size? Let’s back up a moment. What, exactly, is a gambrel shed? For all intents and purposes, this type of shed is a sophisticated barn shed. Its unique roof is what makes it different from a traditional barn shed. A traditional barn shed has a gable roof where two sloped planes come together at a peaked center line. Gambrel barn sheds have roofs that appear to bow out in an elegant look. A set of uniquely angled trusses lend the shed this cosmetic appeal. In addition to the desirable look, gambrel roofs create a large area of space in the attic which can be used for additional storage. Like any shed, a gambrel can be built off any number of floor plans. However, the 12 x 16 is often the most popular. Its reasonable size holds just the right amount of items and is a nice addition to any property. Custom Shed Options: Windows & Doors Depending on the budget and intended usage, gambrel storages can be customized in any number of ways. Most include a small window that sits above a set of front doors. Larger windows can also be added to allow for more natural light. This is a particularly nice option for those who wish to work inside the shed. The great thing about adding windows is standard sizes used for homes are called for in most plans. There is no need to special order these items. In fact, a number of second-hand shops often have one-offs that work great for modifying sheds. An additional door near the back of the shed is also a reasonable option. The front double doors can be used to wheel heavy equipment like lawn mowers or ATVs in and out of the shed. A smaller door located near the back on either wall allows for easy entry when the intent is to remove smaller equipment. Custom Options: Ramps & Porches When it comes to larger equipment, it may be smart to consider building a ramp near the door. Most sheds are built to sit a bit off the ground. Adding a ramp makes it easy to maneuver heavy-wheeled vehicles in and out of the building. It is even possible to add a porch to a gambrel shed. This option takes a bit of the floor space from the enclosed shed and opens it up to the outside. Homeowners who go this route still have a great deal of storage space as the roof extends the length of the full building. The only difference is the front loft sits on visible posts instead of enclosed walls. Ultimately, the options added to a building like this depend on the available budget. The good news is, these classy sheds are available to even those with smaller budgets. There really is no a better way to add value to a home while solving storage solutions. It is hard to go wrong with classic gambrel shed plans 12×16.

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