What to Look for When Purchasing Plantation Shutters

Homeowners who are seeking a smart and sensible solution to installing the window treatments in their homes would do well to consider plantation shutters. These are some of the most unique and remarkable options on the market today as they can add a whole new spin to any home interior design scheme.

With so many different types of plantation shutters out there, it’s much easier than you might think to find the right ones for your home. They are an excellent investment and a window treatment that is only increasing in popularity. They fit well in almost any architectural style home and they provide you with exceptional functionality.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

This type of window covering brings a multitude of benefits that can make your home stand out amongst the others in your neighborhood. As far as window coverings go, plantation shutters bring a fresh aesthetic that elevate the window treatment beyond a mere piece of fabric in the form of a curtain or drape. Shades and blinds are also commonplace when compared to the uncommon look and feel of a plantation shutter.

They are built using a series of broad slats mounted within a frame. You open and shut the shutters as you would any other form of shutters and the slats inside the frame can also open and shut to allow you to regulate the light that gets in through the window.

Plantation shutters let you enjoy fresh air through an open window whether the shutters are open or shut and this type of window covering is installed over the window frame, so they are a more permanent choice over horizontal blinds or curtains on a rod.

What to Look for When You Buy

There is a lot to consider when you are selecting the plantation shutters that are best for your home. We’re talking about the obvious things like cost, materials, types of shutter and the joints with which they are equipped. If you’re in the market for a plantation shutter purchase some time in the future, here are some of the factors to keep in mind as you start to shop around:

Plantation Shutter Types

You have three to choose from when you’re considering the best materials for the shutters you want.

The first is hardwood, which is chosen for its strength and durability. Many homeowners like hardwood because it has a distinctive aesthetic, however, you want to be sure you are ready to put in the maintenance necessary for preserving the condition of the material. The one drawback to wood is the higher cost for purchase and installation.

The next is vinyl and it’s probably the most popular because it’s not only affordable but also highly resilient and resistant to just about all forms of common wear and tear, not to mention it’s extremely easy to clean and maintain. This material is also good for those climates that see large shifts in temperature as vinyl plantation shutters are impervious to such impacts.

Lastly, there is basswood which is chosen by homeowners who want a material that is also low on cost yet high on resistance to warping. Basswood is also highly versatile as it can be painted or stained in just about any color you wish. This material is also very easy to install, but it can show signs of wear and tear much more easily than other materials.

Helpful Hints for Shutter Shopping

To keep your costs down, you may want to avoid going with a wood option. However, if your heart is absolutely set on having wood plantation shutters in your home, you have faux wood options that look like the real thing, but without the high sticker price.

If you ultimately decide to go with wood, be sure you are purchasing a wood shutter that is made from top quality wood species options. Not all wood is created equal nor is manufactured that way either. So do your homework when it comes to selecting the wood for your shutters.

Finally, installation can be done one of two ways, either inside or outside. Determining which is best for you will depend on the amount of available space in and around the window. Take precise measurements to be sure you are getting the right installation so your shutters look great and operate as they are intended. Taking the measurements should be pretty easy, don’t worry about deciding on your installation choices just yet, get the measurements down first and then you can work from there.

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