Wrought Iron Fencing 101 in North Vancouver

Wrought iron fences are beautiful. They are strong, secure and effortlessly make a statement. While they are the most popular and considered the best, they come with their fair share of cons. Right off the bat, the style and expense may not be great for everyone.

Below is everything you need to know about wrought iron.

What is Wrought Iron?

Well, technically, it is an iron alloy with low carbon. It is malleable and strong. In the past, it was used for shaping. But as a result of cost issues and advancement of technology, this iron type is no longer mass produced. Today, ‘wrought iron’ is a term used to refer to almost any iron that is twisted, hammered and bent to make beautiful shapes.

Benefits of wrought iron fencing

Long lasting

Wrought iron is durable and lasts for ages. Unlike wood, it does not dry out when used as fencing in North Vancouver; it also does not easily warp, rot or deteriorate in quality.


Wrought iron fencing in North Vancouver is stronger than any other material available. Since it is difficult to break, it is great to use for railings and fences for security purposes.


Their fencing sports designs in which the iron railings are widely spaced to provide a thin profile which allows the background to be the centre of attention.

Classic and elegant style

These iron railings are by far the most classy and elegant available. Wrought iron can be customized to be simple or as decorated and ornate as you would prefer.

Pest resistant

Wrought iron proves invulnerable to burrowing rodents and several other damaging pests that destroy wood.

Should you consider Wrought Iron Look-alikes?

Yes, you should be in the know. Imitations exist in the market. There are some fencing options referred to as wrought iron that do not contain any percentage of iron. This is not exactly bad, since there are other fencing materials that also look great, like aluminum. Speaking of which, ornamental aluminum looks a lot like wrought iron, but it is cheaper. It is also lighter and impressively easy to install. At the same time, aluminum is weather resistant and durable.

So what do other substitutes lack? For starters, they are not as strong or durable in comparison.

How much does wrought iron fencing cost?

This is by far one of the most expensive fencing materials available. This is courtesy of its longevity and beauty. Over time, the material proves to be cost-effective. That said, note that there are different classifications of wrought iron. These have varied price tags, as well.

When installing wrought iron fencing, you should also remember to factor in the cost of installation.

The great news is that wrought iron requires little care. However, after a long time, the wrought iron will develop rust spots. However, these are easy to deal with and should not cause you sleepless nights. With a piece of sandpaper, you can get rid of these spots in no time.

And there you have it – everything you should know about fencing and wrought iron railings in North Vancouver.

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