Can Replacing Windows Make Your Home More Efficient?

Homeowners who are considering window replacement Midlothian have a number of things to keep in mind before they have their installation teams come in and do the work. After all, replacing windows in your home is no simple task. It can cost a substantial amount of time and money depending on the size of the property and the type of windows you plan to put in.

Such a project may even turn off some homeowners who just don’t want to spend so many resources and deal with the invasive nature of window replacement. But many of them come around to a different way of thinking once they realize all of the benefits that come from replacing windows in the home.

Your windows are among the biggest culprits when it comes to identifying the areas of the property that are the least efficient. When you think about efficiency in the home, it often calls up visions of dollar signs, money you are spending in excess of what you could be saving each month on a multitude of bills. Whether it means higher heating and cooling bills or an increase in spending on your home’s maintenance and upkeep, this is money you’d probably rather spend elsewhere.

Even better, once you complete this type of home improvement project you can ask for a higher selling price if and when you decide to put the home on the market.

Can replacing windows make your home more efficient? They sure can and here’s how:

Lower Energy Costs

As the seasons change and temperatures rise and fall, you will find it tougher to keep your home warm or cool if your windows aren’t energy-efficient. You may see this more readily in older homes with windows that don’t close properly, have compromised seals, or gaps and cracks in between the frames and the spacing of the house.

When there are opening through which air can seep in and out, you will need to lean more heavily on your home’s heating and cooling system to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. That typically means running your HVAC unit longer than usual, resulting in higher energy costs. But when you put in new replacement windows, those compromised vulnerabilities in and around your windows are eliminated, preventing your climate-controlled air from escaping.

Some replacement windows even offer multiple panes and argon gas to increase the insulating properties of the window. As we all know, glass is a horrible insulator but using double or triple pane window options and argon gas in between can greatly reduce the amount of heat that gets in or out through the window.

Fewer Repair Costs

Keeping your home cost-efficient means reducing the amount of resources you spend on maintenance and upkeep. Repairs are going to be something every home needs to deal with eventually, but as your windows age they can begin to function improperly and, as we already discovered, they can also shift in place, resulting in cracks and gaps.

Depending on the type of frames you’ve chosen for your home, the materials with which they were manufactured could start to show signs of age through cracks, warping, and rotten areas due to excessive moisture seeping in from years of hard rain and extreme weather.

You can’t leave your windows to degrade like that or you could be risking further damage to the windows, the home, and any belongings within. Repairing these problems could be outside of your budget and then you may be incurring even more repair costs later on when you are unable to pay for those much-needed (and costly) repairs.

But putting in replacement windows now can help you avoid those high repair bills later on. Consider your window replacement expenses as an investment in the home and a means for protecting yourself from increased repair costs in the future. The money you spend now will most likely be far less than what you may have to put out later on.

Resale Value

All of these cost-efficient benefits are a great way for keeping more money in your pocket but you’ll find that you can really profit from window replacement when you resell your home. Recent studies have shown that window replacement can net you a tidy return on investment at nearly 80% of your spend.

So you can increase the efficiency of your home while making it look more beautiful and improving the functionality of your windows in the bargain. Not to mention how much you can make after your home is put on the market. More buyers are seeking homes that offer energy-efficient windows and that means your home will be off the market sooner.


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