How To Choose The Most Energy Efficient Windows And Doors For Your Home

Replacing windows and doors in the home is no small project, not to mention it can cost a pretty penny depending on what you choose to have done and the type of replacements you select. Of course, one of the most critical factors to keep in mind through the decision-making process is energy efficiency.

Homes that are lacking in energy conservation only cost their owners more money and this can take a toll on your wallet and your comfort in those months where the temperatures can rise or fall to extremes.

If the time is now to find the best solution for window replacement in Raleigh, take these things into consideration as you identify the best replacement options for your home.

Multiple Panes

Windows and doors can both contain a significant amount of glass and so it quite literally pays to think about how that can impact the energy efficiency in your home. Since glass is a horrible method of insulation and don’t want to live in a windowless box your whole life you need to find windows and doors that work toward reducing the amount of air that gets in and out through them.

One very effective way to solve this issue is with double or triple panes of glass. These configurations are designed to create multiple layers of protection to keep your cool air from escaping and warm from getting in during the hot summer months.

This is done by installing two or three panes next to each other and adding inert gas in between them to provide even more barriers for improved insulation. But while these types of doors and windows can be pricey (triple pane especially), you might want to avoid putting these throughout the house but in the areas that have the most trouble with energy loss.

Foam Insulation

You can find doors and windows that have been manufactured using foam injection in the frames and sashes for the purposes of thermal conduction so you can prevent your warm air or cool air from getting outside.

This foam is entirely concealed from view as it fully contained inside of the framework of the window apparatus. So it’s safe to have in the home near you and your family. It cannot be accessed by any people or pets in the same way you might expect foam in your couch to be yanked out.

Energy Star Rating

As you shop around for replacement doors and windows, look for the star. The Energy Star is your way of knowing that your replacements have been certified and rated for energy efficiency along five factors, which include the rate of heat transfer, the efficacy of the window or door for insulating your home, the amount of light that is allowed in through the glass of your replacement doors or windows, and their resistance to condensation.

Read up on the ratings of the windows and doors you are planning to purchase and see if you’re buying the best ones for your energy efficiency concerns.


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