What You Need to Know When Buying Door Knobs

Most people don’t notice the functionality or look of their door knobs and handles until they have to change their doors. Doorknobs are not only functional, but they can enhance the style of doors and your home in general.

Below we offer you some important information and tips that will not only help you choose the best residential door knobs for your lifestyle but also go above and beyond the key purpose of a doorknob, which is to enhance the safety of your house.

Factors to Consider When Buying Door Knobs

  1. Security

The main reason you lock your doors is to protect your personal belongings and keep yourself safe from any harm. As such, security should be the main factor you consider when buying commercial door knobs for your doors. Doorknobs come in a variety of grades, with Grade 1 quality being the highest level of security protection. Grade 2 quality is second in line to offer decent protection, and last but not least, Grade 3 quality, which offers the basic level of security. If you are concerned with security, such as the possibility of break-ins around your area, Grade 1 quality should be your first choice for residential door knobs.

  1. Style and Door’s function

When choosing your commercial door knobs, approach this decision with the same weight you would when choosing other interior equipment. Consider your home’s interior style, the theme of your building as well as the type of door design. With this in mind, consider the design you want as well as the colour and finish you want. If you want your doorknobs to match your home’s contemporary or traditional design you are pretty much guaranteed to find them.

  1. Locking Mechanism

There are two main types of locking mechanisms: keyless and keyed door knobs. Though the locking mechanism isn’t the only factor in terms of how the commercial door knobs lock, it is an important factor to consider. Personal preferences will also have a role to play in the matter as some people prefer keyed doorknobs to keyless doorknobs. When buying door knobs for your interior doors, consider purchasing residential doorknobs with an emergency release in case it gets stuck.


  1. Weather Resistant

While it is important to consider the impression your residential door knobs will make, it is equally important to look into the materials that make the door knobs. If not, you may find the need to replace your doorknobs, due to rust or corrosion. Doorknobs made from rust-resistant materials, such as powder coated steel, marine-grade stainless steel, chrome or aluminum are a good option for exterior doors. Furthermore, doorknobs made from these materials will require little maintenance, which is a great advantage.

  1. Cost

There is no shortage of Toronto commercial door knobs on the market, and they range in price from as low as $5 to those over $500, which are of the highest quality. The price of a lockset will depend on a lot of factors, including quality, the security grade, the material, finish and so much more. Regardless of your budget, you are guaranteed to find a door knob that is within your price range.


When choosing a lockset or doorknob for your interior or exterior doors, it pays to have a clear understanding of the different factors you should consider to help you make the right choice before you go on your door hardware shopping spree.

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