How To Choose The Right Residential Fence

When it’s time to choose the right fence you need to consider a variety of critical factors to be sure you’re installing what’s best. Residential fencing is commonly designed for three specific purposes which are privacy, security, and improving your home’s curb appeal.

If you choose wisely, the result will be an increase in your home’s resale value because you have provided the property with all of those attributes. It may sound pretty simple but when you realize how many different materials, fencing types, and manufacturers exist in the marketplace, that simple task can become a real challenge.

This is all before you even decide on the right installer to put your fence in around your property. That’s a whole other thing entirely and it’s just as important as the fence itself.

So how do you choose the right residential fence for your home? Let’s examine the most pressing issues that should be considered and addressed in order to decide on the best possible selection for you and your family.


The decision-making process starts with choosing the best material for your fence. There are plenty of options from which to choose including wood, vinyl, PVC, wrought iron, and aluminum. Some of these are more expensive, some are more durable, some hold up better under extreme weather conditions and certain types are much easier to install and maintain.

But while your choice of material can have a major impact on your wallet, the effect it will also have on the aesthetic of your home’s exterior should not be underestimated. Your fence should never clash with the overall appearance of your property and the look and design of your home will dictate which material is best.

Some materials will likely be ruled from the start because they simply don’t complement the look and feel of the house.


Before you have your fence installed, you need to consider how much time and effort you can put into properly maintaining it once that job is finished. That means weighing your options with respect to how dedicated you can be towards routine upkeep against which materials are best suited for your level of commitment.

Certain materials will require a greater allegiance to regular intervals of cleaning and if you are unable to provide the right amount of care, those materials should be taken out of consideration.


Finally you need to find a good fence company in Richmond VA to install your fencing. Some homeowners may wish to do it on their own but unless you are confident that you can do a professional job, you should probably leave this sort of thing to the experts.

Do your homework, find reliable contractors, compare prices, and be sure the company you pick is properly bonded, certified, and understands the importance of compliance with the applicable building permits necessary to complete the job. That last one is critical because without the right permitting, you could be left with an incomplete fence waiting to be finished.


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