Flooring Gives a Pleasant And Relaxed Feeling,which One You Want to Choose?

Floor reflects the taste of the people dwelling in the house. Whether it is a renovation or new building it is necessary to purchase tiles according to the budget. There is an array of products in the market and it is difficult to decide. It is better to go personally to the stores to know the color and material of the tile. Natural stone tiles are liked by everyone but it may prove to be costly. Porcelain and ceramic tiles do look elegant and some of them imitate the veins and design of the natural stone tiles. Here are some of the tiles used for flooring: Porcelain Tiles: These tiles are cost efficient. Many homeowners like this tile as it suits any budget. These tiles are made of clay and treated at a high temperature. They are made tough and are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. There are both matt and glossy finishes in this tile. The interior designers’ and builders prefer this stone as it gives the rich look and is cheaper also. There are designer porcelain tiles which have textures which can be felt by hand. Such tiles may prove to be a little costlier than the ordinary ones. Ceramic Tile: Many builders prefer this tile as it is suitable for a smaller budget. It suits for both residential and commercial building flooring. There are many types of shades and textures available in the market. Chinese, Italian and Spanish designs are available in these tiles in affordable price. Some designers bring the natural stone looks which make the flooring look elegant. Marble Tiles: Marble looks like satin and many high-end buildings have this tile for the flooring. It suits both residential and commercial places. The color is dull but it gives an elegant finish. There are people using this tile for bathroom and kitchen flooring also. This is a natural stone and thus eco-friendly. Granite Tiles: Granite is an igneous rock which is formed in a volcanic eruption. This tile is robust and is available in unique colors. The house owners have a good choice of colors in this stone. Granite is used for commercial and residential flooring. Travertine Tiles: In the present market travertine tiles is considered to be the most durable one. If the surface of the tile is not smoothened or not polished the texture gives a unique look. The neutral colors give a striking look to any commercial or residential floor. There are a lot of color options and it is very easy to install this tile. Slate Tile: Slate is formed in layers of sediment under the ocean. It has a unique texture and much attractive color choice. It is resistant to fading and scratches. It can even resist chemicals. As it is porous, sealing is required. It needs very less maintenance and is suitable for cold countries also. Quartzite Tile: It is formed from sandstone. With a lot of heat and pressure, the sandstone turned into quartzite. This is very hard and durable. It has a crystalline structure which makes the surface sparkle. It is suitable for high traffic areas also. This stone is natural and is eco-friendly. It needs very less maintenance and hence preferred by many people. Limestone Tile: This is basically sedimentary rock formed under the sea. It has a robust surface which is suitable for the floor. The colors are soft and give a soothing feel. This stone is easy to maintain and there is a lot of choice of colors. Onyx Tiles: This is a type of quartz which is like a gemstone. The tiles have a unique pattern and color which is very beautiful. These stones look new always if maintained properly. These tiles look unique and there are lesser color options. Sandstone Tile: This tile is used from ancient time. It is a natural stone and looks like an earth material. It looks like stone and is available in many colors. They are durable and easily maintained. It is always better to call a professional worker for installing the flooring tiles. They will cut the tiles according to the necessity and install it on the adhesive properly. If tiles are expensive and beautiful but if the installation is not proper then the whole floor looks bad.

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