Hardwood Vs Tile in East Vancouver: The Kitchen Flooring Material Debate

Oil-finished hardwood flooring can certainly make your home have a rich, beautiful look and a natural glow. For this reason, hardwood floors have gained popularity, thanks to the seamless, stunning appearance it provides to virtually any room, including the kitchen.

Tile flooring is a traditional choice for homeowners who choose to redesign their kitchen floors. However, more than 90% of homeowners prefer to install either hardwood or tile flooring in their kitchens. With the open concept kitchen design becoming widely accepted, the use of hardwood floors in the kitchen space has numerous benefits that are worth considering.

Complete Cohesion

Using tile flooring for the kitchen is a wonderful idea, as it will prove useful in the long run. A mess made by flour or sauce is easy to clean up, thanks to the texture of the material. However, if you choose an open concept for the interior design of your home, installing tile as opposed to hardwood flooring you would typically use in your living room space helps by creating some sense of separation. This works well for potential homebuyers who might have no experience living in homes with an open floor concept. To create complete cohesion, consider having the wooden floor in your living room and have it continue into your kitchen.

Less Cost

Installing hardwood flooring throughout your living room and in your kitchen as well allows you to save money and time that you would ordinarily spend choosing from a dizzying range of tile designs. In addition, by choosing to install hardwood as your preferred floor option throughout your home while incorporating an oil finish to provide a beautiful glow, you get to choose a design that lowers anxiety. Furthermore, you eliminate the likelihood of arguing with your partner over which flooring option would work best based on your individual needs.

Easy To Repair

In the event that your hardwood flooring gets damaged, you will gladly discover that fixing the floor is relatively simple. To carry out the necessary repairs, you simply need to remove any damaged planks carefully and replace them. Next, you should coat the replaced planks using oil hard wax finish, as this ensures it matches the other planks. Tile flooring, on the other hand, might present numerous challenges when it comes to replacing it. Furthermore, you might need to tear up the entire floor.

East Vancouver tile flooring is a preferred option for some designers because it boasts a traditional look presented in various options. East Vancouver hardwood flooring is preferred by homeowners who would rather have a homely feel and the warm glow that oil finish provides to the flooring material. When it comes to choosing between tile or hardwood floor, the decision regarding which one is best ultimately depends on the individual tastes of homeowners.

No matter your preferred choice of flooring, you need to make sure the old flooring is removed and the floors are prepped. Since the entire project can be taxing in terms of effort and time, it is advisable that you hire professional help. Remember, a DIY approach might have disastrous results.

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