The Relationship Between Quantity Surveying and Construction

Effective communication is one of the keys to constructing buildings and other establishments. The construction industry is deemed as a vital factor in increasing a state’s national economic growth index. With the fast-growing technology we all have now, customer requirements when it comes to the demand for innovative and intricate designs and materials have also expanded significantly. Here is where quantity surveying comes into play.

Definition and role

Quantity surveying is a mix of professions like construction economics, contractual law, information management, and construction itself. Several skills are required for an individual to enter this field because the industry is a very critical one. They must be committed to continuous and life-long learning and improvement since these are the characteristics of quantity surveying in the business.

Quantity surveyors manage the building project costs and expenses, beginning from the initial and draft design stages and throughout the construction’s duration. There are times when they also have to calculate the maintenance costs once the establishment is already up and running. Moreover, they are the ones who assure that the projects meet quality standards and legal requirements. They work closely with the customer and also advise them concerning financial and legal matters that may arise during the project’s construction.

Skills a quantity surveyor should attain

Even with the widespread use of technology, there are times when sophisticated client requirements cannot be easily accessible by traditional competencies. Various construction companies are now competitive when it comes to delivering low-cost customised materials, productivity improvement, and environmental sustainability solutions. Hence, the need for skilful individuals who can handle the complexities of the job.

Almost all degree courses can pass the qualifications for being a quantity surveyor. They may have plenty of career development opportunities if they attribute the following traits:

  • Information Technology (IT)-competent
  • Able to understand construction methods
  • Processes and materials
  • Competent and efficient communication and negotiating skills
  • Being organised and planning ahead of time
  • Being a team player

Efficiency and productivity, when combined, lead you to high-quality work that may entice your clients for the next project.

Other terms associated

The words quantity surveying may be unpopular in the international construction arena. They usually refer to them as building economists, construction accounts, cost engineers, or cost managers. However, even though they might have different names, one thing is accurate – they have significantly evolved to meet the increasing and changing needs of customers over time. Given the demands of the construction industry, and the challenges that they may encounter in the future, gifted individuals in this field need to demonstrate innovative approaches when it comes to problem-solving and decision-making.

People who chose to enter the quality surveying field must possess a passion for the construction trade and should be aware of the more extensive industry qualities and possibilities that it consists of. It is a highly-diverse job, and no two projects are identical, making it an excellent platform for experience-building and an exciting career path to take.

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