Different Types of Wood Need Consideration When Purchasing Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture carries a lot of appeal for its durability and dependability. Not to mention it has a rugger aesthetic quality to it that benefits any floor plan. If you have been shopping for quality wooden furniture than you probably have discovered there is a wide variety of wood types. Each type has its own set of pros and cons. In order to purchase wooden furniture that fits your individual needs it is important to fully understand the implication behind each type of wood.

Solid Wood

If you are looking for solid wood furniture dallas, then you are part of a wide group of consumers. Solid wood is the highest quality wood on the market. Solid wood furniture stands out because it is constructed from one single piece of wood. In some cases, it is also made of several wood boards glued together ins panels. It is always important to know the differentiation. Solid wood is great because it will last longer than you will. Also, as it is mostly one piece of wood it is very durable. It is also susceptible to the weather and can crack or warp in certain conditions. It also carries the biggest price tag, but that is because solid wood is top of the line.


Hardwood uses trees that are slower growing. Oak, ash, cherry, maple, and walnut are all examples of hardwood. Hardwood is a denser and stronger wood. They are long lasting, sturdy, and also very heavy. Hardwood is not great when it comes to support, which is why most wooden furniture today uses solid wood in its design. The solid wood is used for support.


Softwood is defined by faster growing trees like fir, pine, and cedar. The softer wood makes for a lighter heft, lighter price, and a less dense wood. They do not last as long as hardwood and also use solid wood in their support structure. Softwood is more common in its usage mainly because it is more readily available and bears a lower price.


Plywood is a thin layer of hardwood that has been glued together. It is sturdy, reliable, long-lasting, and bears a good price. However, plywood is not the most attractive type of wood which is why most furniture constructed of plywood uses veneers.

Veneers are made of solid wood or hardwood and essentially cover the plywood base. Veneers are a very thin layer of masking that makes the outward appearance of the wood look great. It can also peel off after extended use.

Imported and Domestic

Imported wood is tropical wood like teak that is brought in from outside sources. Domestic wood is the type one would find in their own backyard. Their durability and appearance vary depending on the type of wood used. Imported wood is great for aesthetics but can be bothersome if the climate of origin is different than where you live. Domestic wood is locally grown and significantly cheaper.

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