Solid wood Tables Vs. Veneer Alternatives-Which is Best?

Furniture is part of the decorative artwork in most homes. With high-quality pieces in your home, you can be sure of an elegant and inviting space. There are different materials to pick from; these include wood, glass, metal, and plastic. Wood furniture is commonly used, and solid wood tables are favored by many. They come in distinct styles and can add glamour and charm to your dull living space.

How can you tell if your table is made of solid wood?

Solid wood is unique and different from other types of wood. A solid wood dining table Singapore is heavier than the veneered options. You can easily spot the knots, grain, and color variations. With veered furniture, you expect a uniform, finished appearance on all edges and sides. In most cases, veneered tables feature an edge banding, but this isn’t the case with a solid wood table.

Are solid wood tables the best choices for your home?

We all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to furniture selection. And wood comes in differing types including South America Suar Wood, Black Walnut, Lychee Wood etc. However wooden tables cater to the needs of many homeowners. They are not unique but are also renowned for their durability. Here are reasons to acquire a solid wood table;

  1. Repairs & Relocation

With wood tables, you can easily repair them in case of damages. You can fill the broken areas with wood treatments and have your furniture looking new again. On the other hand, low quality plywood board isn’t easy to repair. Most of the damages arise from structural failure, which is difficult to patch up.

Moving tables made of plywood board can pose many challenges. You have to disassemble the unit to protect it from scratches and damages. But, with solid wood, you can move your table without worrying about breakages, thanks to its sturdy nature.

  1. Durability

Solid wood furniture can last for decades and is a worthy investment. Such pieces are strong and can endure harsh weather conditions. Most solid wood tables are made of South America Suar Wood, Black Walnut, Lychee Wood and are strong enough to last for years with no need for replacement. What’s more? You can use solid wood furniture for both your interiors and exteriors.

  1. Cleaning & Maintenance

Solid wood tables don’t require costly maintenance. You can clean by dusting, or wiping which restores the glow. Moreover, there are also many refinishing options to consider. These include; repainting, sanding, or stripping to give your furniture a new look.

  1. 4. What of the cost?

Aren’t solid wood tables expensive? With the quality that comes with solid wood pieces, you expect the price to be higher. Solid wood tables are strong and durable. They don’t bow like the veneer pieces and will last for years. You save a lot of solid wood tables since you won’t have to replace your furniture often.

The bottom line

Solid wood tables are elegant and classy and are durable enough for any apartment homeowner who values quality and sophistication. They are ideal for any home décor with other pieces of furniture in your home or in the dining room . Are you thinking of acquiring new tables in your home? Shop from Herman Furniture in Singapore and experience durability and elegance at its highest levels.

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