Are Commercial Garage Doors for You?

Commercial garage doors are very important throughout everyday society due to their use in commercial operations. Warehouses, factories, etc. all use commercial garage doors that need to be sturdy and lift swiftly enough for daily operations at a facility. There are also different types of commercial garage doors that are used at different buildings for specific uses. For example, the 4 different types of commercial garage doors are known as: high speed, rolling doors, sectional, and wind load. Furthermore, it also very important to know the difference between a residential garage door and a commercial garage door. It is always very easy to find commercial garage doors wherever you are located. For example, if someone lives in York, Pennsylvania they can easily google commercial garage doors york pa, and there will be many different companies that sell commercial garage doors located in the search results.

Different Types of Garage Doors

There are four different types of commercial garage doors that are used for different reasons. The first type of commercial garage door is called a high-speed commercial garage door. High speed commercial garage doors specialize in moving fast with a durable curtain material. The next commercial garage door is called a rolling door. Rolling commercial garage doors are usually made of steel curtain and are known to be very sturdy due to being around forklifts and other heavy-duty equipment. Following up, is the sectional commercial garage door. Sectional commercial garage doors are energy efficient, usually insulated doors built in sections out of many different types of materials from steel to aluminum glass. The final commercial garage door is known as a wind load. Wind load commercial garage doors are used to protect the doors and the inside of facilities from harsh winds. Over at one website information is provided in more detail on the benefits of wind load commercial garage doors and how these products can protect property from harsh weather. These are the many different commercial garage doors that all have different benefits that can help protect any facility.

Difference between Residential and Commercial Garage Doors

The obvious difference between commercial and residential garage doors are of course durability. Moreover, this may be the most obvious difference due to commercial doors needing to be able to with stand potential damage from fork lifts or other heavy machinery. Residential garage doors are usually more thin than commercial doors due to commercial garage doors needing more protection. Furthermore, residential garage doors might not always be insulated to the extent of a commercial garage door. One thing that residential garage doors do have that commercial garage doors may not is the more design options to choose from. Another website goes into more detail on the different types of residential garage doors that can be purchased in comparison to smaller selection of commercial garage doors. The same website also goes into more detail on how commercial garage doors are more for protecting, explaining why there is not as many design options as there are for residential garage doors.

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