Six Items You Should Remove from Your Garage

Do you know which items you should store in your garage? We tend to throw all kinds of odds and ends into our garages, but some of them don’t belong there. If you have these six items in your garage, you need to remove them now.

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1. Paint

Do you store paint in your garage? Then get it out of there, quick. If your garage gets extremely hot or extremely cold, then you could be altering the colour of the paint – even if you’ve never opened the tin.

Even if your garage temperature is well regulated, always store paint tins on garage shelving. Otherwise the tins can rust and leave unsightly marks on the floor that are impossible to shift.

2. A Spare Fridge

If you have a spare fridge in the garage for beers and cold drinks, there’s more bad news. Fridges operate best between 20 and 25 degrees C and may not operate at all in freezing conditions. If your garage suffers extremes of temperature, you may be using extra energy just to keep your fridge cool.

3. Electronics

Unless your garage is extremely well ventilated and you have proper Garage Shelving for efficient storage, electronics like TVs and PCs are generally best stored inside.

4. Pet Food

Pet food, bird seed and even old furniture can all act as rodent magnets. Mice love to nest in cushions while feasting on your dog and cat food. If you buy in bulk, you may end up with several sacks of contaminated food that your pets can’t eat.

It’s better to store these items in sealed containers inside, however robust your garage shelving, as nobody wants to attract pests into their property.

5. Propane Tanks

It’s unsafe to store propane tanks in your garage. In fact, they should never be stored indoors but should always be stored safely and securely outdoors.

If propane is stored in a garage and the tank leaks, something as simple as starting your car can start a fire.

6. Clothing

If you store seasonal clothing in the garage, think again. Even if you use sealed containers, grime, dust and fumes can work their way in. So when you come to unpack, your clothes stink and need a good wash. Always store clothing inside in airtight containers.


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