How on earth does my boiler work?

Your gas boiler is an essential part of your home, but do you know how it actually works. If there is a problem with it never try and fix it yourself. Even if you do learn what it does by reading this its not a guide on how to repair one. For that you need to go to a company who deals with boiler repair Gloucester way like they know what they are doing as they have highly trained staff. Its a good idea to at least know what the boiler should be doing but please do not touch it yourself.

We can count ourselves very lucky that we have central heating. Our ancestors were reliant on coal and wood open fires to warm their houses and that may have only been in one room. They might have had a fire place in the others but what pain that must have been having to lug the coal bag around all those rooms and then go through the lengthy process of getting a fire going each time. So, we have developed the idea of the water heater. The heated water moves around the pipes and collects in the radiators warming them up so that they, as the name suggests, radiate heat. Because they can go anywhere in the house they are a rather efficient system of keeping the house warm through out without getting coal dust everywhere.

The boiler is the driving force of this along with the water pump.  The water is heated by the fire which is fuelled by the natural gas supply. This is a controlled fire, unlike the open fires that our ancestors constantly had to keep an eye in case it got out of control or if it set fire to the chimney if it wasn’t swept out. The fuel forms the gas channels into the heat exchanger. This is the part that actually warms up the water that is going to go around the house. It heats this to about 60 centigrade, you don’t want it boiling otherwise you’ll have steam in the pipes and that creates air bubbles. This is when you get to do a job you can safely do, bleeding the radiators.

To make sure that the water doesn’t get too hot there is a thermostat that keeps and check on the temperature. If it gets to hot, then the system switches itself off. The waste gas is funnelled out of the house via a flue. This saves you money and also ensures that the system doesn’t get over loaded. Ok so you know how it works and what might go wrong. Please don’t try and fix it yourself. Call the professionals


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