Why choose vertical radiators

The interior design and household heating markets are dominated by vertical radiators – both sleek and modern, and traditional and elegant. You can buy many different designs which feature myriad sizes and colours. With such choice, it is now easy to find the perfect radiator to match your décor.


Measure your room

Firstly, you need to calculate the amount of British Thermal Units (BTU)that are needed. This involves measuring the cubic volume of your room, and online calculators are available to help with this. Size up the area where you want your new radiators to go, and double check the measurements.

Economical space solutions

If your room has limited wall space, and a traditional style radiator isn’t practical, tall and slim radiators are the perfect match. Modern designs enable you to make the most of the space available, without being restricted by the position of pipework.

Often, radiators are placed below the window. Here the cool air from the window is met by warmer air from the radiator (natural convection). As most homes now have double glazing however, there are very few draughts to make natural convection. Advice on where to put a radiator can be found here: https://www.bestheating.com/info/blog/where-to-position-a-radiator-2/.

Design choices

You can choose from a wide array of vertical radiators, from traditional cast iron shapes to modern models in a range of designs and colours, while finishes include glossy and matt. Black finishes make a stylish modern statement, and are increasingly popular. However, for traditional style and the ability to blend seamlessly with any aesthetic, white is the classic choice.

If you have a modern or contemporary room, vertical radiators will seamlessly complement your abode. There is a wide range of styles and colours, including single and double panel choices. Flat panels and column radiators (a tubular shape) can also be sourced. For a choice of styles, see http://apolloradiators.co.uk/Products/View/3/54/7/category/roma/Apollo-roma-bespoke-steel-column-radiator.

Style to enhance your home

Vertical radiators don’t just heat your home, they also create a stylish focus for the room too – particularly the more decorative ones. Versatile styles and shapes lend easy charm to a hall, bathroom or bedroom. Mirrored surfaces can also be a feature of vertical radiators.

If you need somewhere to hang your towels in your bathroom, vertical radiators can incorporate a rail in their design, making a stylish replacement for the traditional towel rail.

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