Signs that it’s time to change your flooring

Think your flooring is looking a little rundown? Do you have obvious cracks, scrapes or holes forming? If you’re not sure what warrants a full replacement, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Clear cracking

If your floor has clear cracks which are significant in size will likely need replacing fully. Any type of flooring that displays this kind of wear and tear is probably past repair. Cracks can attract mites and insects, as well as being an area to collect dust and debris. Cracks have a tendency to worsen over time, especially in high traffic areas. A crack left undealt with will only end up getting worse and could be damaging the floor underneath.

  1. Your floors are very out of date

If fashions and trends have moved on several times since your floor was laid, it’s probably time to update it for something a bit more modern. This doesn’t apply you have stunning antique hardwood flooring for example. If this is the case, you might be better considering repair work and restoring the original wood.

  1. A leaky ceiling

If you notice a leak in the ceiling, it could be a problem with the upstairs flooring. The floor or subfloor above could be experiencing some kind of water damage and needs examining and most likely, replacing. The surrounding structures could also be affected depending on the length of time that leak has gone unnoticed.

  1. Your carpet has run out of life

If your carpet is a good few years old, chances are it has stains, spills and ingrained dirt that won’t respond to cleaners. Carpet is particularly susceptible to dust and dirt at the best of times, but the older it gets, the worse this will be. If it was economy carpet, it will probably have started pilling a long time ago too. Why not replace old carpet with Laminate Flooring from ?

  1. Water damage has occurred

If you’ve had a flood in your property or any other kind of water damage, once that damage becomes visible, it’s time to change your flooring. If water is allowed to affect any type of flooring for an extended period of time, it will ruin it, especially if it reaches the subfloor. This increases the risk of mould developing and rot setting in, which looks awful, smells horrible and is bad for your health.

  1. Pet damage

Training pets inevitably leads to damage to the flooring. If stains become difficult to remove or smells become ingrained, rotting and other unpleasant issues can occur meaning it’s time for you to lay some new flooring. Do some research into which floors are best for pet owners, as some are more suitable than others.


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