Cavity Wall Insulation Claims – A New No Win No Fee Influx

Cavity wall insulation claims are becoming a new epidemic for claims management companies, with the end of the PPI (payment protection insurance) claims issue, with that resolved there is time for a new claims sub-industry, this sub industry is cavity wall insulation compensation claims.

How Did This Problem Begin?

In the 1990s there was a huge incentive pushed forward by the British Government to encourage people to have cavity wall insulation installed on their property.

The initiative was designed to save people money on their energy bills, reduce emissions and also cut down on the use of natural resources.

The Government were even offering grants for individuals (homeowners) to have cavity wall insulation installed for free, which all sounds very positive, however there were issues with this model.

  • Many people were mis sold cavity wall insulation, meaning they were left in a position where they were sold something which was built onto their home which they didn’t need.
  • Oftentimes, this insulation which they didn’t need caused problems in their home, and decayed, leaving them in a position where not only had unnecessary work been carried out on their home, but it had actually caused damage.

Thankfully, due to recent legislation and events legally it is now possible to claim compensation for mis sold cavity wall insulation.

How Is It Possible To Claim Compensation For Mis Sold Cavity Insulation?

It was found in a recent enquiry involving trading standards and a building regulator that many of these cavity wall insulation installation were carried out with building work which was of a bad standard.

Once the liability was established by the trading standards and other regulatory bodies, this then opened the floodgates for cavity wall insulation compensation claims, and people started inputting their own cases for assessment.

There have been multiple successful claims for mis sold and faulty cavity wall insulation, where people have been awarded significant sums of money to help repair their property and also for the personal stress, the inconvenience and the interruption of day to day living as a result of the damage to the property.

How Much Compensation Can Victims Of Cavity Wall Mis Selling Win?

It is possible to win compensation in the range of between £10,000-£23,000 (in fact it may be the case that more compensation is due if the property is made from stone, as stone is more complex to repair and refit,)

The amount of compensation which is awarded to the mis selling victim is partly dependant on the amount of money it will cost to fix the issue and the complexity of the repair, along with the type of property and the materials used in the build.

To find out more about how to claim compensation for cavity wall insulation you can visit one of the many internet websites which offer a no win no fee claims management service, National Property Claims is one such company with a good reputation, but there are more companies’ out there to choose from.

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