Fun Facts About The Seattle Home Show

The Seattle Home Show wrapped up it’s Spring Show at the end of February. Known as America’s Biggest Open House, it features hundreds of top businesses from every corner of the home and garden world, and the best talents in the state bring their wares to sell to consumers.

With it being such a large event the show has grown year on year. For 2020 there were a couple of fun new additions to add to the bustle of the weeklong event. Not only is there an abundance of home renovation information and fresh new trends at the longest running home show in the country but it also hosts a variety of activities you may not expect.

Carpool Karaoke World Championships

With the advent of Carpool Karaoke and it’s soaring popularity comes an inclusion to the Seattle Home Show this year. Anyone can apply for the tournament and winning singers moving on to the Washington State Finals, so if you fancy yourself as a hot prospect in the karaoke world then get practising for next year!

You could pick up some excellent tips on a kitchen remodel and a first place prize for Carpool Karaoke. How many other events can say that?

Live Painting

If you need a break from the droves of information floating around the show floor then karaoke isn’t your only option. You can now head on over to the Art Battle Global Tournament of Live Painting and watch some fast-paced, competitive art. This year you could even vote for your favorite with the winner progressing to the 2020 Art Battle World Championships.

Home design and art are a natural pairing so there will be plenty of interest in seeing this back in years to come.


Another recreational event to look forward to for show-goers is LANFest. The gaming organization is a tightly-knit community who specialize in charity streams and events around raising money for good causes.

For the Seattle Home Show 2020 LANFest brought virtual reality experience to consumers with a VR house. This year they raised money for Operation Homefront to raise money for military families as well as provide transitional and permanent homes to help military families thrive.


Seminars that took place this year covered tips for hiring contractors, successful home remodelling, and some exciting 2020 trends for kitchens and bathrooms. The seminars are free to attend with your entry ticket and can really enhance your knowledge with focused talks from industry experts.

An interesting theme for the seminars this year was on the topic of the environment: Battery backups and solar alternatives to power your home. They also provide a great insight into the ways you can save money in the real estate and the home design markets.

Looking towards next year’s Seattle Home Show goes beyond houses and gardens. They are doing good work by bringing in and showcasing charitable organisations and giving alternative entertainment a platform to be seen by a new audience. Go to their website for details!

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