Creative Landscaping Ideas By Using Sand

Sand is a good natural material used for landscaping, and there are many different kinds of sands available in the market. Some can be useful for volleyball pits, playground sandboxes, beach themed parks and more, while others for household construction projects. If you are thinking about adding sand to create a unique landscape, then this article is just for you. Read on….

Sand bed

Owning a private oasis can be thrilling. You can now bring the beach at home, no matter which part of the world you live in. You can do this merely by transforming a small part of your backyard or front yard into a sand bed. You can grab beach chairs, set the BBQ grill and play beach volleyball in the sand pit.

Decorative Patio

If you are looking forward to have a decorative patio at your home, then you’ll need to use proper construction materials and designs. Mortar sand and pavers are commonly used to construct attractive patios. If you are looking for paving or mortar sand, you can visit this website – Sand4u is a popular supplier of various landscaping and construction products, starting sand, cement, gravel, soil to decorative pebbles.

Natural Sand box

Your kids are going to love this addition to your yard. To make it more exciting for your kids, you can add an unexpected or hidden sand box. It is a fun way to create landscape for your garden.

Modern Designs

If you like modern and yet a simple look, then you could try including decorative pebbles, rocks and sand to your garden bed. This organized and clean look will reduce the water bill to a large extent, as there won’t be many plants to water. You could further give a dramatic look to your design by raking the sand. This will make it look like rippled water on beach or a lake. This look is quite common in Japanese Zen gardens.

Things To Consider When Incorporating Sand To Your Landscape

There are a few things one must keep in mind while designing landscape using sand. Once you add sand, plants won’t thrive in soil. However, if you are keen on including the plants as well, then make sure that they both are in different corners of your yard. Also, ensure that you add a border around the sand to keep it in one place. There are many border options for you such as rock or concrete wall, pavers or bricks, and more.

If you have a pool or want to incorporate beach theme, then you need to figure out how you will keep the sand out of water, in order to keep the water clean. One of the common solutions to this problem is to add a huge patio or deck.

If you are starting the landscaping project from scratch, then another doable option is to raise the level of your pool. This will make sure that the sand doesn’t get into the water. Also, you’ll get nice relaxing bay near your water feature.

To wrap it up, sand is commonly used natural material for landscaping. It can be used in many ways to make your yard more interesting and beautiful. However, one needs proper planning and the right kind of products to get the desired look.

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