Five Window and Door Trends for 2019

If you’re looking to open doors to new possibilities or to see more clearly into your future, 2019 may be the year you want to invest in some new windows or doors.

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Here are five window and door trends you should know about to help you go in the right direction.

Industrial Style
The industrial aesthetic has really taken hold with homeowners opting for exposed steel frames, dark paint finishes and strong materials to give their windows and doors an industrial look. It’s a trend that can bring the look and feel you’ve chosen for the interior of your home out to where the public can see more of your individual sense of style.

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Cutting out draughts, removing condensation and maintaining internal heat at a constant temperature are just some of the benefits of installing new windows and doors. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a typical semi-detached house could save more than £100 a year in energy costs by installing modern windows and doors. It’s a trend that can save you money and help protect the environment.

Big Glass
Large uninterrupted sheets of glass in windows and doors are things that many contemporary homeowners look for to give their property the wow factor. Big glass windows and doors often need to be custom-made, with suppliers of windows Dublin such as able to produce something that will complement the character of your home.

Coloured Frames
White and wood are not the only options for window and door frames, with the trend to bring a splash of colour taking off as a way to bring a sense of individuality to a property. Modern finishes can ensure that the colour doesn’t fade or flake as it would do if you just painted over an old window frame.

Bright Panels
If bright colours on your window frames are a design choice too far, perhaps a panel of colour on your door could be your way to add flair and personality to your home in the future.

When you’re thinking about replacing your old doors and windows, use these trends to help you to make brave decisions and move forward with eye-catching solutions that can give your home renewed curb appeal and leave your neighbours feeling envious.

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