How would you know where your Waste materials end up?

There are often air bubbled talks that the skip bin companies do not put the trash collected into the process of recycling.  But, in physical processes, the skip you filled ends up at a Waste Transfer Station for the further processing of the trash.

Different Stages that the waste Materials Undergo

The first thing that the skip bins collecting waste do is segregate the mixed up materials by the help of waste streams. Again, these waste streams work differently for different kinds of waste being disposed of. The company keeps a check on the type of waste that is being put into these streams, and they charge accordingly.

The second thing that is involved in the picking of larger materials which can be from kitchen appliances, pieces of wood or cardboard. These wastes are taken to a separate place for further processing. The remaining mix minus the larger materials are put into a conveyor belt. The conveyor belt separates the wastes as much as they can.

Nextly, mechanical sorting is conducted. This particular process is done to separate different sizes of debris and then blown by the blowers which blow light waste into a different area. This is the time when after all this processing and separating waste, the waste materials are sorted.

Sorted Waste- What Happens to them?

If the sorted material contains metal, it goes directly to a separate chamber. Metal wastes are a great source of profit for the company. Substances like carpet, wool and nylon products are baled, and finally, the hard plastics are separated so that the remaining particles can be easily recycled. By the end of this sorted waste thing, the company is ready with its final product to pass onto the next journey.

What happens when waste leaves the transfer station or skip company?

The waste sends in as the final product is collected by different companies or haulage dealing operators to different places. Some companies then, conduct Materials Recycling Facilities and others may go by pre-processing charts. Materials like carpets, wood stuff and aggregates move into different chambers for further processing.

Do Skip Companies Recycle?

The answer is technically considered will be no. But, then as the skip companies put different waste into separate bins, then it might be called a process of recycling. The skip bin  companies convert the waste or rather burn them to extricate energy from them.

So, just sitting back at home and being happy about the fact that you have sent in your waste into the skip is extremely different from what these Skip companies in brisbane north and south do. The major help skip bins are performing is protecting the hazardous sate into the direct exposure of the atmosphere or landfills.

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