Reasons To Add A Front Porch To Your Home

Homeowners who enjoy the great outdoors would do well to build a porch outside their home. With richmond custom porches,  you have a wide array of options as to the type of porch and the various features you might want to include at the time of construction.

There are a multitude of reasons a homeowner like yourself might want to consider this type of home improvement project. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with a brand new porch.

Porch Designs

When you’re planning your porch, there are a myriad of configurations available to you. Porches, particularly those built at the front of the home, can come with a roof or without. Railing and pillars are also common additions that are included with many front porches. The choice of design and aesthetic is up to you, but homeowners will usually consider the style of the home and the exterior landscaping and color when they choose how their front porch will look.

That’s not all, many front porches also include accessories such as porch swings, ceiling fans, even screening to prevent bugs and flies from bothering the occupants of the home while they sit back and enjoy their porch area. All of these elements are intended to help make spending time on the porch relaxing and familiar.

The choice of materials used in the construction of the porch is also chosen based on the look and feel you want for this exterior area of the home. Wood, stone, and brick are just some of the more widely chosen materials that are also the most popular.

The Ideal Environment

A front porch is best-suited for a home that is located in an area that has predominantly warmer weather, though they’re also suitable for those regions of the country where the seasonal shifts might preclude homeowners from using their porch in chillier times of the year. A front porch is an excellent way to expand the living area of any home.

Best of all, no matter what type of porch you decide to build, be it a covered, screened-in, or exposed design, adding one can improve the curb appeal of the home and increase value exponentially. Buyers who are seeking out a new home will love having the opportunity to spend time outside, entertaining friends and family in a finished outdoor area.

In fact, the addition of a front porch to your home can yield a return on investment of nearly 85%. This number can be impacted based on the area in which you live and the amount of use the porch will get during the year. Those homes that are located in warm climates, and therefore offer more opportunity to spend time on the porch year-round, are more likely to get close to that 85%.

Homes where the winters can be more impactful will probably bring in far less than that figure.

Location of Your Porch

While homeowners have many places to build their porch, the front of the home has definite advantages over the other alternatives. Many choose to place their porch at the back of the home or add a wraparound style that runs around a specific length of the house, but having your porch at the front of your home offers increased curb appeal and provides your guests with an enticing entryway.

But it may also be the best choice due to the environment surrounding the home. If your property has a large yard out front and less of an attractive view in the back, then you’ll want a porch that overlooks the area that is most visually appealing.

There you can spend time outdoors with guests and enjoy the view. Front porches also give you more living space towards the front of the home and you can hang out there anticipating expected visitors. A porch in the back of the house is largely unseen by passersby. The same goes for a wraparound porch which may also be obscured along the less visible side of the home.

What is This All Going to Cost?

Every front porch is different. Each homeowner may have something specific in mind that varies greatly from the previous one, so there is no hard and fast price tag associated with the installation of a front porch on your home. The simpler the porch, the less expensive it can be, but with so many features available for porches these days, the cost can fluctuate significantly.

If you want the porch wired for electricity so you may have lighting and electrical outlets available, that could increase the cost. Some homeowners will install a fireplace in their front porch, others will choose special screening to surround the porch. Both of these can also affect the cost dramatically.

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