Reasons You Might Want to Remodel Parts of Your Home

Last year my husband and I started to make plans to renovate our home. We only wanted to remodel certain areas, but we were very excited. We had money saved up from the moment we moved into our home, and we had been stock piling for some major changes. We started with the really small stuff and continued to save for the more expensive items that weren’t too urgent. Reasons you might complete renovations in certain parts of your home include making any necessary repairs, wanting to feel proud of your design, or it’s time for a change.

Necessary Repairs

We purchased our home at a discounted price. It wasn’t a complete fixer upper, but there were a few things that the seller deducted the price for. Things that needed attention within the first five years included the air conditioner, the water heater, and the roof. The air conditioner was fairly easy to get repaired because we knew a contractor. We replaced the water heater as soon as we moved in, and the only contractor we had to find was a roofer in Vancouver, WA. When we did find our roofer, we received great service. It was fast, affordable, and it came with a warranty.

Feeling Proud of Your Design

It is so comforting to walk into a home that is laid out in way that you influenced. We considered hiring a designer, but in an effort to save a little money, we came up with our own ideas. I think we were more appreciative of the results because it was a surprise that everything came together nicely. We plan to change around our bathrooms next, and if there is no major plumbing involved, we might try to tackle those on our own as well.

Time for a Change

Our kitchen was a little dated when we bought our home. Even the seller wanted to change the kitchen, but he wound up selling the house before he got to it. The wood of the cabinets was a little warped, the handles were peeling, and falling off. We knew our options were to either get the cabinets restored or replace them. We decided we will replace the cabinets. We are already replacing our kitchen appliances, so it’s best to do the entire kitchen while we have the money in our budget. We’ve already spoken to a contractor, so we know the work won’t take long. All we have to do now is pick the best time to do it.

Making home renovations can be quite fun. Once you know how much money you will have to spend, all you have to do is save and start picking out the things you want. We love our home, and I’m glad we still bought it even though we saw a few things we wanted to change. Renovations are not a deal breaker for us, and now that we’ve been successful, we will be welcoming of them on a future purchase. Reasons you might renovate your home include making repairs, adding your own personal touch, and being ready for a new look.

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