Shed Options for Your Home

A homeowner needing more space around their home for storage or an office has plenty of backyard storage options. The most popular is the storage shed. A storage shed can be utilized as a storage unit, worship studio, home office or workout room. The type of storage shed to use depends on the size, structure and materials. The options include mental, plastic and wood storage sheds.

Metal Sheds are Typically Used to House Valuables

Metal storage shed are made from aluminum, iron or steel. Metal sheds often are termite proof and resistance to most fungal growth, mildew and fire. They are often used to house valuables like garden machinery, generators and lawn mowers.

A homeowner will often by a metal shed because they want greater security. However, there are some drawbacks to purchasing a metal shed. For example, an aluminum shed won’t resist denting. It’s also important to note that metal storage sheds are not resistant to rush. Thus, the homeowner may have to purchase a new one after so many years.

Plastic Storage Sheds are the Most Affordable Option

Plastic storage sheds are the most affordable options when compared to wood or metal sheds. Plastic sheds are constructed of high-quality plastic. The storage structures have their advantages such as it is resistant to rotting, moisture and insect infestations. They don’t require a protective coating like a wood or metal shed.

Plastic storage sheds have a major drawback. They aren’t as visually appealing as a wood storage shed. This means a homeowner is limited to the styles of plastic sheds that can choose.

Wood Sheds Offer Lots of Visual Appeal

Wood sheds are considered the most popular type of sheds. They are versatile because a homeowner can use them for many purposes–even a summer playhouse for children. The wood used on the sheds often blend in beautifully with backyard surroundings and the style of the house.

There are some drawbacks to purchasing a wood shed. It is the most expensive of all types of wood sheds. The sheds are susceptible to mold, mildew, insects and termites, if not properly treated. One way to avoid this from happening is to have the shed properly painted, stained or varnished. Another way to decrease the disadvantage of mildew and other infestations is to place the shed a number of feet away from the home. Wood sheds often require more maintenance than metal or plastic storage sheds.

The biggest advantage of obtaining a wood storage is the type of wood used to construct the storage shed. For instance, pine is the least expensive wood. It is lightweight and perfect for a rustic, farmhouse look.

Pick the Correct Materials for a Storage Shed

A backyard storage shed is typically one room with a door. However, a homeowner can have bigger storage shed that resembles a miniature house. A larger shed is made with windows, shingled roofs and electric hookups. A homeowner can pick the type of wood shed they want based on needs, personal taste and size.

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