Springs through the feet with tumbling trampoline


Trampolines are known to be one of the best and interesting spring-like equipment specifically used to develop better balance, coordination and motor skills. The central core target of this exercise is on the back, legs and leg muscles. Many studies and research show that it has a beneficial effect on bone health and the body’s core muscles. It helps improve bone density and to build more muscular core strength. The trampoline word was originated after the Spanish word trampoline, which means diving board. The famous and accomplished driver Nissen used the trampoline as a training device, and this is how the trampoline came into the trend.

Trampoline Park

It is a location where the giant size trampolines and other outdoor and indoor games are crafted for fun and enjoyment. The parks are usually built in more than 10,000 square feet to get a spacious trampoline and other games like volleyball and dodge ball.

Trampoline parks in India

The largest park of India consists of over approx. Thirteen thousand square feet with almost 100 interconnected, wall to wall trampolines located in Gurgaon. The benefits of the stress-busting bounces in every jump. The best trampoline parks worldwide are Abenteuerland Trampoline Park, Helium Trampoline Park, Maxx Arena trampoline park, Get Air trampoline park, Cyber jump trampoline park, Freefall Trampoline Park. Sector6 Extreme Air Sports, situated in New Orleans, is known to be the biggest Trampoline Park globally.

Trampoline Park equipment

There are many trampoline park equipment supplier worldwide. Approximately about full-fledged indoor family entertainment park centre with fully furnished criteria may include an investment of about 2 to 5 crores. A space and destination should be safe, secured and fun-filled for the city area. It should be a kind of amusement park suitable for celebrating birthdays, parties and outdoor small weekend trips. It should be engaging for each age group.

The adverse effect of a trampoline

As on the one side of the coin, it has several benefits, but on the other side, we cannot neglect its harmful effects. It can result in minor sprains, significant fractures of the arm and legs, and several head and neck injuries. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommended and strongly discouraged trampoline use at home without proper guidance.

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