Top 5 Guaranteed Tips to Effectively Maintain Your Furnace

Maintaining a furnace in the best condition is an important part of running any home. Proper furnace maintenance is arguably one of the tested and trusted ways to save you money during the cold months of the year.

Before we delve into the top guaranteed tips on how to keep your furnace in top notch condition, here are some of the reasons it is important to conduct regular Victoria furnace maintenance.

The Importance of Regular Furnace Maintenance

It is advisable to hire a professional heating and cooling contractor to conduct annual furnace inspections and necessary adjustments on your furnace for the following reasons:

  1. A Dirty Furnace is Less Efficient

Dirt and debris buildup in your furnace can lead to big problems. Dirt buildup can make your furnace burn more fuel and thus skyrocket your energy bills as well as function less efficiently for heating your house. Additionally, a dirty furnace is more prone to frequent breakdowns which can be inconvenient, especially in winter. Therefore, it is important to clean the blower, motor, and filter system on a regular basis to increase the heating efficiency of the furnace and avoid frequent breakdowns.

  1. A Dirty Gas Furnace Can Produce Excessive Deadly Gases

Other than being less efficient, a dirty furnace can produce excessive deadly emissions, such as carbon monoxide (CO). It is difficult to detect the emission of carbon monoxide since it is an odourless and colorless gas, yet it is very toxic. Though the emission of small amounts of carbon monoxide gas is to be expected when a furnace is turned on, excessive amounts are a sign of a less efficient furnace. Installing a CO detector in your home is a great way for raising alarm about the need for a Victoria furnace maintenance inspection.

That being said, here are the top 5 tips on how to effectively conduct Victoria furnace maintenance

  1. Safety First

As with any inspection or maintenance, safety should always come first. Always turn off the electrical power and fuel supply before conducting any furnace inspection. In case you smell a gas leak, call a professional air conditioning and heating contractor to do the inspection for you. Remember to turn on the electricity and fuel supply after the inspection.




  1. Replace the Air Filter

Replacing your air filter often is a great way of getting the longest duration from your furnace and saving on energy bills.

  1. Clean the Furnace Regularly

Dirt and debris are the main culprits of inefficient furnace systems. As we have pointed out above, this can pose a great challenge. Regular Victoria furnace maintenance through cleaning the furnace, blower and filters is highly important.

  1. Wear a Breathing Mask

When you are cleaning the furnace, it is best to keep yourself safe from any harm by wearing a breathing mask. This prevents you from inhaling carbon monoxide, dust and other debris.

  1. Lubricate the Blower Motor

Like any other appliances in your home, the furnace is prone to wear and tear, and requires repairs. In order to avoid unnecessary repairs, lubricate the blower motor regularly. In addition, check the area around the furnace and ensure it is clear of drapes, furniture, and other materials to allow air to flow freely.

Wrapping Up

Regular Victoria furnace maintenance should be on top of your to-do list before winter every year. With these tips, you can easily detect a handful of issues before they escalate.

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