Various Cleaning Service and Their Specific Focus

The phrase cleaning services actually has a lot more meaning than you think. There are a wide variety of services that fall under that category. For instance, a maid service cleans up a house, a janitor service cleans up a commercial space, but a floor cleaning service deeps cleans floors. You do not hire a maid service to deep clean your carpet. There are also service out there that offer repair combined with cleaning. These are the ones that come in after an accident or disaster and help put the space back together. So it is important to understand the distinction between cleaning service when looking for one, or if you happen to be considering starting one of your own.

Maid/Janitorial Service

This is the type of cleaning that focuses on general maintenance. A maid service usually visits once a week and provides a thorough clean to your entire house. They do not concern themselves with repair but general maintenance. They will vacuum, de-clutter, mop, wipe down, and even do dishes, or wash clothes. Honestly, the range of what they do depends on your preference. A janitor service is much the same but geared towards large commercial property. The most thorough echelon of janitor service includes setting up for functions, as well as general low-level repair. Some commercial cleaning companies can also do major repairs. Mostly, this revolves around water damage.

Floor Cleaning

Rug doctors concern themselves with carpets, hardwood, rugs, and other floor surfaces. You have to research the extension of their skills as many just focus on carpets. They will deep clean your carpet in a way that other cleaning services cannot. They get right down to the pad ensuring that all nastiness is gone. These are the ones that can deal with water damage Chesapeake VA. Some floor services can even pump excess water out.

Pool Cleaners

To clean the pool requires a different skill set. This is why every week many pool cleaners set to the task of keeping the water sparkly. A pool cleaner will ensure that the pool is properly maintained, will fix any minor problems with the pump, change out the filters, and regulate the pH balance of the water to keep it blue.

Window Cleaners

Most often cleaning windows is bundled with maid or janitorial services. But then you have high rise buildings that go up a few stories. You cannot expect a janitor to dangle from the roof and focus on those. Many commercial companies do include power washing sidewalks and window cleaning as part of their services. There are some companies out there that just focus on the window cleaning aspect. Depending on how many windows a huge building has, this can be quite the project. Professional cleaners use the best equipment to reach every window, and thoroughly clean them with proper materials.

Car Cleaners

Auto cleaning and detailing is its own animal as well. Companies wash your car thoroughly, enhance the finish, and focus on the inside. Many such services also offer low-level maintenance on the car. They can swap out a filter or provide an oil change.


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