What Jobs would suit a Straight Grinder?

Straight grinders are also known as die grinders. Small and slim in design they are a useful addition to any tool kit. A straight grinder can have dozens of applications and is typically used to add a fine finish to surfaces when working on a multitude of tasks either at home or in various industries. It can be fitted with a variety of spare heads and attachments to suit many different jobs creating a truly versatile power tool you’ll never want to be without.

Sanding Rough Wood

When doing carpentry, the straight grinder is invaluable for smoothing away any rough splinters to produce a professional quality surface that really highlights the natural grain of the wood. There is a choice of head fittings which can include small sanding drums in various sizes and mounting points with a fine grit texture. The die grinder can soon make short work of removing old paintwork or varnish with a larger, rougher stone abrasive attachment. Smoothing the surfaces of kitchen units, living room furniture or shelving are just a few of its most popular uses.

Polishing Metal

Using a straight grinder is one of the quickest and easiest ways of achieving a perfectly smooth surface on any type of metal surface from aluminium to stainless steel. Additional attachments include a variety of small abrasive drums that grind at the uneven surfaces left behind by welding or cutting. Metal surfaces such as stainless steel can be buffed with a drum covered in cloth for a beautifully natural shine. Areas of particular use can include fitting stainless steel work tops or equipment in kitchens, door handles or bathroom accessories.

Removing Rust

One of the main functions of the die or straight grinder is removing rust from metal. Amongst others, many car repair enthusiasts would never be without a straight grinder close at hand. With attachments that include abrasive stones, rust is quickly and easily removed even from large areas. In addition, once the top layer of rust has been removed the grinder can continue to smooth the rough metal beneath to leave behind a profession grade finish that’s as smooth as silk. When spray painted the newly renovated area will blend in perfectly.

The Perfect Tool

A straight or die grinder can be used for so many different tasks at home or at work. As a versatile power tool it can be bought with an attached electrical cable or as a cordless version for even greater flexibility. It can weigh as little as 1.6kg and include various input capabilities such as 400 or 750 watts and has a typical 6,800 rotations per minute. Features can include the fast change of attachments to tailor the grinder’s performance for complex tasks. Some include safety power cut out mechanisms and internal seals to protect the grinder from fine dust entering the motor. Straight grinders are convenient and flexible. Visit Data Power Tools to check out their extensive stock of brands and designs.


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