When Should I Get A Wind Mitigation Inspection?  

A 4-point home inspector is required by almost everyone. However, there are other types that can be done to inspect your home and assess specific areas of risk. The wind mitigation inspection is a prominent specialized home inspection. This is a common inspection type that is ordered in Florida, which is notoriously windy.

When is it worth conducting a wind mitigation inspection? These are five situations that you should seriously consider.

  1. Your Home is in a Windy Area

While Florida is susceptible to being struck by a hurricane, tornado or severe storm, certain areas are more at-risk.

Your risk of wind damage to your home increases if it is on a hill, or on exposed ground high above the ocean, or if there is no significant tree cover around.

Wind damage can cause costly repairs, or even injury and liability. It is worth taking precautions with a wind mitigation inspection.

  1. You Are Buying An Older Florida Home

Older homes in Florida often aren’t up-to-code and require a thorough home inspection. The insurance company that insures you will usually insist on an inspection of any home, especially those built more than 40 years ago.

You may want to make wind mitigation improvements to older homes to improve its safety. For example, you might need to reinforce the roof-towall connections with hurricane clips or install wind-resistant windows, doors and roofing.

You want to feel secure in your new home regardless of its age and that it will withstand even the most severe winds.

  1. Your Home has Already Suffered Wind Damage

You may already know firsthand the effects of high winds on home damage. You may have recently had your home damaged by a hurricane, tropical storm or other severe wind event.

Although your homeowner’s policy will cover most wind damage, it is not fun to have to make major home repairs. An inspection of wind mitigation can help identify weak points that could be at risk from future storm damage.

The home inspector will then provide a detailed report and make suggestions for improvements.

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