How To Refine The Look And Feel Of Your Home With Accent Walls

When it comes to interior painting, the last thing you want to do is stick to the same color throughout any room. Sure you could add some additional décor in an attempt to give the area some semblance of flair or personality. But at the end of the day, those walls are all going to look alike and that won’t do your home any favors from a visual standpoint.

So what’s the solution? The option that more homeowners are going with every day is an accent wall. The good news is that you can decide to hire a residential painting service in richmond va to do the work or, if you’re so inclined, you can take the task on yourself.

You just need to know how an accent wall can have an impact on the aesthetic of your room and which colors or accents to choose. There are a multitude of options at your disposal but be careful, accenting is something that can also have a negative effect on the look of the room if done improperly.

But in order to avoid the mistakes that are so easily made by those who are unfamiliar with the power of accenting, you really need to be fully aware of the do’s and dont’s associated with deciding on the color and accent styles that suit the room best. You can drastically alter the appearance of your room when implementing any sort of accenting enhancements, just be sure you know what you’re doing.

For those of you who don’t know what they are doing, let’s talk a little about accent walls and how they can refine the look and feel of your home.

Wall Selection

When you are placing an accent wall in any room of the home, the goal is to bring a little pizzazz into a living space that is sorely lacking in panache or character. So when you are considering which wall to choose within that space you want to select one that will attract the eye to a certain area in the room.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you want to repaint the first wall that people are going to notice the minute they walk into the room. This is supposed to be an accent wall not the wall that is intended to take over the attention of the room.

Which brings us to the first rule of accenting: Use it only to spotlight a conspicuous element of the room. Whether that happens to be a fireplace or some type of shelving or even an open space within the wall that house some kind of sculpture or collectible piece, you will want to select that wall to accent.

Color Selection

Here is where things can get a little bit tricky. Colors have a way of affecting the aesthetic of a room by altering the perception of its size. Therefore, choosing the wrong color can backfire in a spectacular way. But while the choice of color is up to you and most colors will work with most rooms, you do want to be careful that the wall you’ve chosen for accenting is not located to the side of the room or directly facing the main entrance.

Since we’re talking about affecting the perception of the room’s dimensions based on the color you choose to accent the room, consider how darker and lighter shades can impact the look and feel of your space. Dark shades and colors will make it seem as if the room is somewhat smaller than it really is, while lighter, brighter shade and colors serve to enlarge it.

Just remember these factors when you are selecting the color you plan to go with for an accent wall. You may want to try out a few colors to see how they feel before ultimately deciding on the one that fits best.

The last thing to consider is that your choice of color should always complement, enhance, and yes, accent the room and never clash with the rest of the décor. You may love the color red but is it really going to work as an accent color in a room that is mostly yellow? Chances are it will not. So you need to strike that all-important balance between selecting a color you like and ensuring that it will fit in with the rest of the interior planning of the room.

When you are ready to add an accent wall, remember these helpful hints and you’ll be successful in bringing some much-needed style to any room that feels more than a bit mundane.


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