Linear or curved, corner or modular : all modern sofas designs.

The sofa is the main element of the living area. It express both the essence of the space where it is placed and the lifestyle of those who live this space. Also, it is the center of the daily activities that take place in the living room such as watching television with the family, welcoming friends, let a guest waiting, enjoying free time.

Unlike the classic sofas, with their uniform shapes, materials and colors, the modern sofas certainly have their unique character and their own personality so that, the choice of a sofa design and shape rather than another is very important in order to express as well as possible the “soul” of the living area.

In this article we will discover together some of the common “character” of modern sofas according to some iconic shapes.

Linear modern sofas

The linear modern sofa is the most common solution that you can put everywhere. The structure of this piece of furniture consists of a backrest and a seat. The armrests, the headrest and the footrest are optional elements.

What characterizes this model of sofa is its bulk. The linear sofa occupies a limited space, and this is the reason why it is an ideal solution for little spaces. Also, it can be lean against a wall or it can be placed in the center of the room by positioning a low bookcase behind the back.

The character of this sofa is strong and determinate.

Curved modern sofas

The curved sofa is a modern solution with a bold shape. It fits very well with very large spaces such as open space apartments. It is perfect if it is placed in front of large window with a panoramic view, or in a outdoor veranda or in a living area on a covered terrace. It is an ideal solution if you want your sofa to be a place for chats and informal meetings, because all the seats allow you to look in the eyes everyone sit in another place of the sofa.

The character of this sofa is innovative and friendly.

Corner modern sofas

The corner sofa is the typical family sofa. Families who spend a lot of time together in the living area or those who have to furnish spaces with a definite geometric shape, usually choose this model of modern sofa.

It fills the empty or darker corners of a living room. You can create a very intimate reading corner simply by illuminating the corner seat with a beautiful design lamp, for example.

The character of this sofa is moderate and cozy.

Modular modern sofas

At least, you can’t  miss to consider the modular modern sofas. They are one of the most interesting innovation of the last decades because they have helped people to organize the space according to their needs, saving a lot of money, too.

In fact, if you choose a modular solution you can design it according to your needs and to the dimensions of the room with any surplus. Also, if you are going to restyle your house or if you are going to change it, you can add or remove a new element in order to set the sofa in a different room with different dimension, for example.

The character of this sofa is flexible and open.

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