Beginner’s Guideline for Kitchen Remodeling


Kitchen remodeling can be a very frantic job to do but once you have made up your mind, know that you do not have to spend a huge sum of money over it to make it look wonderful. All you have to do is come up with a plan for remodeling before you start doing anything else. Avoid looking for ideas in magazines and just stick to the way your kitchen is at present. Following are some of the basic steps that you can follow when planning your kitchen around the flair of your house.

Steps for kitchen remodeling

  1. Disengage your kitchen

Before you start renovating the kitchen, make sure you take out the doors of all the cabinets first.  You will notice that most of such cabinets are glued to the wall with the help of one or two screws. You can unfasten these screws but make sure someone is there to hold the cabinets when being removed. Window trims and doors shall be the next item to be removed carefully. After doing so, shut all the power connections as well as all the equipment and lighting gears, which are wired directly or indirectly.  You should also cover all the exposed wires with the help of wire nuts.

  1. Professional work

Hiring a professional to start renovating your kitchen is a wise thing to do. These professionals can handle all the work for you and charge you very little for their expertise. By hiring someone professional to do the job, you can be free of all the supervising responsibilities and use that time to shop multiple items for your new kitchen.

  1. Change plumbing and gas system

Once the walls of your kitchen are open, you can replace or change the entire plumbing of that area. Old plumbing and pipes may leak and get damaged in the future. Therefore, to avoid a mess in the future, kitchen remodeling Rockford IL can get all the pipes changed or repaired according to your preferences. You can also ask for a new line of gas while you are at it and get a shutoff valve box installed in the kitchen for your fridge.

  1. Kitchen and ceiling paint

Before the professionals install everything back, make sure to get the ceiling and the walls properly painted. For this, be sure to use a great quality brand paint, preferably semi-gloss ones as they look amazing on the kitchen walls and ceiling. This paint does not retain a single drop of moisture and is also very easy to wipe and clean.

  1. Kitchen flooring and baseboards

To save cost on your kitchen remodeling, you should always get the cabinets installed first and then go for flooring. For flooring, you can choose from some very good options such as cork flooring, bamboo flooring, wood flooring, and recycled carpeting, etc.  Some of these options are affordable, yet some are expensive so you can choose according to the budget that you have set for the renovation.

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