Painted Vs. Stained Cabinets: Which Is Best For Your Kitchen?

You want your cabinets to look their best. If you’ve had them installed for a long time without any touch-ups, you’re probably considering two budget-friendly options: Painting your cabinets or applying a wood stain. While both these choices can seriously boost the look and feel of your kitchen, it’s important to take some time figuring out what look you’d prefer. For instance, if you want to paint your kitchen cabinets to give them that extra glow, you’ll need to make a few choices in regards to color in style. If you want to turn your old cabinets into the most stylish kitchen cabinets in Richmond by applying a stain, you’ve got to think about what kind of wood your working with to figure out which tone will work best. If you’re stuck, here are some ways to decide what’s best for your kitchen needs.

Stain to Enhance Real Wood

If you have cabinets made of 100% real wood, you don’t want to just get rid of them or paint over them. Wood is a beautiful material that will add a lot of value to your home as long as you keep it in good condition. The problem is, a lot of old wood isn’t cared for or treated with the proper protectants like wood oil or wood stain. The good news is, it’s rarely ever too late to turn your dull old wood new by treating it with a beautiful new finish and a stain. But before you apply your stain, make sure you’ve done everything you can to actually treat your wood and make it look its best. For instance, if your cabinets have some flaws, nicks, or blemishes accumulated from years of high usage, you may want to use a sanding tool to make sure you’re applying your stain to a completely smooth, flawless base. After that, you may want to apply some wood oil or an oil-based cleaner to make sure you’re not applying your stain over dirty, dusty wood. When wood gets old, it’s easy for greasy dust and residue to build up on the surface, so you want to do a thorough job.

Paint to Hide Flaws

If your cabinets aren’t made of a beautiful material or are simply in bad shape, painting could be a good way to go. Whether you have wood that can’t be revived or are dealing with an inexpensive material like laminate or particle board, painting a fresh new layer of color over your base can hide a multitude of sins. You can also use this opportunity to get creative in the process. Are you tired of dealing with a dull kitchen? Choose a bright, fun color that will liven things up. Want your space to be a bit calmer? Choose a cool tone to help bring the look together. Using paint can help give you a lot of creative control over the general mood and feel of your space. Remember, you’re not limited to choosing neutral options. You can go as fun and funky as you like.

Stain to Create Mood

If you’re a traditionalist, you might want to stick with the beauty of natural wood. Giving your wood cabinets a makeover can do a lot to shift the tone and make your space look brand new. But choosing a stain isn’t as simple as you might think. While you don’t have the same kind of color options that would be available to you if you were choosing paint, you still have a big choice to make. A big part of this choice depends on what kind of wood you’re working with. Do you have rich mahogany cabinets? Choose a dark stain to accentuate the beauty of the dark wood. If you have something lighter like oak, go with a lighter stain to keep things bright. There are tons of options for stains out there, and even if you want your wood to shine without too much help, you can find the perfect stain type to make your cabinets look like brand new items rather than revived wood pieces.

Paint to Brighten the Look

You never know how something as simple as a fresh coat of paint is going to make you feel. If you’re trying to revamp your kitchen, one thing you want to be sure to do is maximize natural light. Nobody wants their kitchen to look closed off and dark. That’s why choosing the right type of paint is crucial. Your cabinets take up a lot of space in your kitchen, and they could play a huge role in lighting up the space by bouncing sunlight off their surfaces. Choosing a warm-toned color that isn’t too blinding is a great option for keeping your kitchen feeling light and expansive.



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