Look Forward to a Beautiful Green Lawn This Spring

Today, the daily tasks needed to maintain one’s home have been simplified without sacrificing efficiency by way of automation. Tech-savvy homeowners are no doubt rejoicing that there are plenty of control systems that feature Smart technology, all of can contribute to the upkeep of your living spaces, both inside and out.

Consequently, homemaking has become as easy as pressing a few buttons on a smart phone or tablet. So too have the irrigation systems of today benefited from these advancements in these algorithmic precursors to artificial intelligence.

More specifically, the sprinklers used to irrigate one’s lawn can be controlled remotely, no matter how big or small your property may be. Both the patches of land to be watered and the times at which they ought to be watered can be preprogrammed according to personalized needs.

When it comes to automated irrigation systems, you can certainly look forward to a beautiful green lawn this coming spring if you do decide to make use of them. Not only will this change the relationship you have with your property, making it less hands-on and exhausting, it will increase your property value.

On top of all these perks, the remote technology of automated irrigation systems means that the only hands-on maintenance required of you are slight winter preparations, both before and after the cold weather hits.

As we all know, it’s important to prepare all parts of your home for winter and its snowstorms and, more specifically, adjust your sprinklers to prevent future repairs, which can be costly, especially if a burst occurs – in this sense, winterization is the process by which water is extracted from the pipes just before the cold weather turns to freezing conditions. If the water is left to run its course, it will invariably condense to form ice and, in turn, cause complications for both pipes and valves.

For proper winterization, it’s important to pass pressurized air through one’s conduit system to get the water out of the pipes through the nozzles, as metal pipes can be difficult to maintain.

This technique is referred to as a blow-out. It can be tricky for many homeowners to do this one their own, and in many cases, you’ll need to make use of the industrial air compressors that professionals have at their disposal. You can also opt to hire a team of qualified sprinkler repair and installation experts who will winterize your sprinklers effortlessly, like the experts at EZ Lawn Sprinklers in Toronto, Ontario, where the weather is notoriously brutal.

Using sprinklers for your lawn is a popular preference, given the flexibility and the convenience it offers busy homeowners. Not only can you set the sprinklers to irrigate your yard at night or during the day, you can configure them to irrigate at night because less water will evaporate during darker, colder hours. By going this route, you’ll use a tiny fraction of the water that would otherwise be needed.

In any case, Smart sprinklers will save you both time and energy with optimal performance year-round. With all these benefits, you can enjoy what essentially amounts to beautiful property for you and your family to enjoy and easily maintain without having to stress over it.

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