What Can Landscapers Do For Your Yard?

When you think of landscapers, do you imagine an urban landscape filled with expensive flowers and plants? Perhaps, a simple lawn filled with grass and bushes. Or, maybe, you imagine a small plot in the country with well cared for trees and plants.

There are many landscapers that fall into any category you can imagine. However, it is not until you start talking to them about how much they charge that you really get a good idea of what you are paying.

North Shore Landscapers are those talented individuals that make your beautiful garden bloom. The price will vary greatly depending on the scope and size of their job. Here are some basic tips you can use to determine if a landscaper is right for you:

Most landscapers offer a free estimate service. This is great because it gives you the opportunity

to meet the landscapers, get a feel for the personality of the company, and make sure that you have a good idea of what type of landscape you want.

Before you call or email, you should decide whether or not the landscape design ideas are ones you are willing to live with. If they want your money upfront, they are probably not a trustworthy landscape company and you should look elsewhere.

You should always have a contract or written agreement with landscapers. Landscape architects should always provide you with a copy of their contract when you sign. A good landscaper will always try to work within the limitations of a written agreement. Make sure that you agree on how much time you will spend on the yard, how much work will be done, what types of flowers and plants you want, and so on.

You should never hire a landscaper who is not part of an association. These associations require pretreatments, training and continuing education seminars for all of their members. The seminars and continuing education requirements are in place to prevent the occurrence of hazardous landscaping accidents

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