How to Make Moving Easier

Are you relocating for a better job? Are you lucky enough to be moving into your brand new home? Are you excited about it or dreading it?

When moving it is extremely important to think ahead and make a plan. You do not want to find yourself behind schedule or not ready to go when it is time to leave. Give yourself time to get things done. If you know you are going to be moving it would be wise to begin the packing process long before the day of the move.

A few years back I sold my home and made an 800 mile move. Because of unusual circumstances at the time, I knew I would have very little help to do all the work. Fortunately, I am a planner, so I began my preparations three months in advance.

I had three very successful garage sales and earned $2,800 which I desperately needed at the time. I packed boxes every day and stacked them in my garage. I loaded my car on a daily basis with any donations, so I could drop them off at Good Will on my way to work. Fortunately for me the dump had no fees so regular trips to get rid of junk were also part of my routine.

I rallied up a few friends to help me load my rented truck. They were the kindest of people. You really find out who your true friends are when you see who shows up to help you move. It was a very hot day, and no one complained. With a lot of bottled water, we got the job done.

I was very proud of myself for driving the twenty-foot-long truck and getting safely to my destination. The timing was perfect. However, I was completely exhausted! It took several days to recover.

As you can see moving is not an easy task. If you have moved before, you know what it takes to get the job done. If you have not moved before, pay close attention and learn how to ease the burden. There are several steps and packing materials involved in the moving process. You will need various sized boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, cellophane wrap and furniture blankets.

Be certain to allow one day to pack each room. If the room is large or has a lot of stuff like a kitchen, garage or basement, then allow two days. Make an estimate of the time it will take to pack up everything. After you make your calculation, add another fifty percent more time. You will always have more left at the end than you think!

If all this sounds too overwhelming to you, there is an answer. I strongly suggest that you hire a moving company. Let them do all the mental and physical calculations for you. Allow them to do all the heavy lifting. Save yourself a dozen trips to the store to get more boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap. They will be happy to have your business!

I have experienced the moving process both ways. I have enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment and suffered exhaustion afterwards. When I hired the professionals to do the job, I’ll never forget the relief I felt. It was a blissful feeling to get into my car and drive to my new home.

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