Termite Protection for Swimming Pools

Termites can be a real pest! They can wreak havoc in people’s homes and offices by damaging the walls, furniture. If there is wood, insulation, paper, box nothing escapes them. Many a home literally caves in under the onslaught of a full-fledged termite colony. And it’s not just wood that they eat – paper, books and insulation are not spared either. What most people are not aware of is that our swimming pools can quickly become infested with termites too. Alas, swimming pool owners don’t have to worry only about filtration, cleaning and maintaining the water chemistry. How the unthinkable happens? Termites in the ground love to feed on swimming pool liners and filtration systems in an attempt to get to the water. They chew their way to create small, pin-like holes in the vinyl that lines the interior surface of many pools. This is a gradual process that usually starts just above the waterline of in-ground swimming pools before spreading further downwards. Pull the vinyl liner away from the pool wall and you are very likely to find telltale trails or tunnels of subterranean termites! Termites have been found in swimming pools without vinyl lining too – they can even tunnel their way through solid concrete. Above-ground pools are not spared of termite infestation either. Termites tend to attack the cove padding that is often used as a base for swimming pools. They do not spare the PVC pipes and plumbing either. And why not? Swimming pools are in or on the ground and therefore exposed to the same hazards as houses and buildings. It is suspected that the dampness in the ground around swimming pools particularly attracts termites. What to do? Swimming pool owners try placing a layer of plastic beneath the vinyl liners to keep termites at bay. However, this is not always effective. It is illegal to use liquid chemicals like termiticide around a swimming pool area. Therefore, if your swimming pool does get infested, you should hire professional pest control Charlotte NC services that are well-versed in dealing with termite attacks in swimming pools. A professional pest control agency will pull out the old and infested pool liner to treat the soil underneath. They generally use a combination of termite baits, monitors and other procedures to slowly but systematically destroy all termite colonies from your yard and swimming pool. You will need to install a new liner later on. The saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ couldn’t apply any better than to termites. It is always advisable to get pre-termite treatment done by a professional pest control Charlotte NC service provider before constructing the swimming pool, just like when a house construction is underway. Engage the services of a professional pest control company during the planning stage of the swimming pool. The technicians will study the details and perform pre-treatment on the soil before the construction begins. They may follow up with further treatments when the construction is ongoing to keep your swimming pool and swimmers well-protected always!

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