5 Fun Facts About Living in Knoxville

Located on the Tennessee River in East Tennessee, Knoxville is home to over 185,000 people. It is one of the largest cities in the state and is an attractive city to many thanks to it’s safety, affordability, and many opportunities.

But Knoxville is also home to some fun things you may not have known about such as:

Die Hard Sports Fans

Locals here are proud of their teams and will often wear their team’s colors proudly to show their support. The University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Tennessee Titans are the most popular teams in Knoxville, but there are many other professional and college teams in the area as well.

When living in Knoxville you can expect frequent tailgating or sporting events on televisions at any of the bars in town whenever a game is happening.

Home to Numerous Historical Landmarks

In Knoxville, Tennessee, there are plenty of historical landmarks and buildings worth exploring.

Some landmarks include the Tennessee Theatre, which was built in 1928, and provides entertainment and culture for locals today; the Bijou Theatre, which opened two years later; and the Knoxville Museum of Art, which houses a collection of art from around the world.

Country Music Roots

Country music certainly has its roots in Knoxville. The city’s most famous native son, Kenny Chesney, has been an international superstar for decades and has sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

Not only is the city home to many country music stars, but it also holds numerous musical performances where some of these hometown stars get the chance to perform in front of Knoxville locals.

A City for Foodies

Knoxville’s culinary scene is diverse and offers something for everyone. From vegan to barbecue, it’s hard to go wrong with any restaurant choice that you make in Knoxville.

The city has a wide variety of restaurants and cuisines making it the perfect place for foodies. Knoxville also holds food festivals throughout the year to celebrate different cultures and dishes that you may not typically see.

Birth Place of Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew was created in 1940 and has been a popular drink ever since. It is a lemon-lime flavored soda that competes with many leading soda flavors and brands such as Coca-Cola’s Sprite and PepsiCo’s Sierra Mist.

It was originally created in 1940 by Barney and Ally Hartman. The drink was created to compete with Coca-Cola, which was the leading soft drink at the time.

Calling Knoxville Home

Knoxville is a great place to live and offers many perks. One of the major perks of living in Knoxville besides these fun facts is that it’s a college town with a variety of things to do. There are many restaurants, theatres, and museums that are popular among locals and tourists alike. Knoxville also has great schools for all ages, which is one of the reasons why people choose to live there.

Another perk that Knoxville offers is its beautiful natural landscape. The city’s location on the Tennessee River allows for many outdoor activities like kayaking and fishing. It also has a vast amount of green space where people can go for hikes or take their pets for walks.

Knoxville houses for rent offer good value because they’re often less expensive than other homes in the area with similar amenities. So if you’re looking to relocate to a city that offers all of these amenities and more, look no further than Knoxville.

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