5 Reasons To Not Pressure Wash Your Tile Roof

Your roof can be one of the largest features of your business and if you have a tile roof, there is a chance that the roofing components are going to be in place for several decades to protect your business. One of the main aspects of maintenance with a tile roof is keeping it clean and many home and business owners often get tempted to do the cleaning themselves. The trap that many tile roof owners fall into is pressure washing their roofs because it’s convenient and because it can quickly remove algae and other surface stains. Here are some of the top reasons why you should never pressure wash a tile roof:

Damage to Roofing underlayment: the added pressure of the water can lead to ongoing damage to the roofing underlayment. As you wear down areas of the underlayment distantly to spots where you could see leaks in your attic and throughout your roofing systems.

Loosen waterproofing: A direct hit with a high-pressure hose could lead to the flashing’s getting loose and this could create the perfect area for water to be let in and leaks to occur.

Discoloration: ongoing pressure washing will eventually discolor your roof and lead to the chance that your roof will start to wear in its coloring over time.

Voiding manufacturer warranty: any pressure washing over  1200 psi will cause irreparable damage to your roof and void the manufacturer’s warranty. Many roofing tiles come with express warnings never to pressure wash a roof.

Edges in the tile surface: using a high-pressure wash for your tile surface will eventually lead to deeper crevices inside the tile which can cause algae to grow.

Consider these top five reasons and more on why you should never pressure washer tile roof. Contact our team today if you are in need of roof cleaning that will not compromise your roofing tiles.

This post was written by Ted Williams! Ted is the owner of A Old Time Roofing, one of the best roofing companies in St Petersburg FL. Ted is a Master Elite Weather Stopper GAF Roofing Contractor, a double award winner of Best Steep-Slope Contractor from GAF and achiever of Master Elite Consumer Protection Excellence from GAF. He has been serving the Pinellas County area since 1978. A Old Time Roofing has been a tradition in quality workmanship, servicing residential and commercial properties.

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