Residential Roofing: How Must Does Replacement Cost?

Your home’s roofing system is an essential part of your shelter. Your roof protects you and your property from harsh weather and provides you comfort. Your residential roofing can also be likened to a crown that your house wears since it also adds to the aesthetics of the structure. It will last long but over time, your roof can of course incur some damage due to sun and water exposure as well as exposure to harsh weather conditions. You should know the meaning of roof replacement, when you should do it, and what is the residential roofing cost.

What is roof replacement?

Roof replacement refers to the process of tearing down all the materials that make up your roof. Your entire roofing system will be changed or replaced with new materials. It could the same kind of roofing system but entire new or another kind that is different from your old one. Roof replacement is different from reroofing. This is because it simply refers to replacing the shingles off your roofing system.

When to get a residential roofing replacement?

Roofs last from 15 years to 70 years, depending on the type. However, this lifespan may not be reached with no maintenance and repair especially when signs of damage, such as leaks and cracks, have long existed and have worsened. When you observe these and know that your residential roof has existed for decades, maybe it is time to consider getting a roof replacement. Have your roofing system inspected by a roofing professional so that you know whether you really need this rather than simple roof repairs.

In the process of deciding whether to get your home a new roof, you should consider the type of roofing, the design of your home, and your budget. For the type of roof, you should one that best fits the weather conditions in your area. For instance, asphalt roof shingles roofing is a known practical choice and is perfect in places with long summers because they can withstand heat. On the other hand, metal roofing can reach up to 70 years. Roof tile roofing is an elegant option but is the most expensive.

Residential Roofing Cost

The cost of replacing your roofing system can depend on many factors. These include the size of your roof, type of roof, other materials, labor, accessibility, and pitch. The residential roofing cost ranges from $8,000 to $50,000. The break down would often be 60% labor and 40% materials. The price for your house roofing replacement seems to be expensive, but it is because the process would involve replacing the entire roofing system of your home.

Also, an important factor here is your roofing contractor choice. You should not just choose the one with the cheapest offer. Choose the roofing company in your area that has the best reputation or the most expert for the type of roof that you prefer. Ask about the price ranges first, some samples of work done, and even previous customers contact if available.



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