Packing Wisdom: Strategies for Safely Transporting Your Valuables

Have you been renovating your home during a home improvement project, and now it’s time to move in? Perhaps you are so excited to settle in your place and enjoy a different neighborhood. But, moving your items can be stressful, and you want to avoid incurring damages during transit. How you pack will define the safety of your valuables, and this should be done flawlessly.

Here are ideas to help you pack and safely transport your items:

  1. Use the right boxes

You will need different packing supplies, and boxes are a

must-have. Acquire both small, medium, and big sizes depending on the type of items being moved. Pack heavy items such as books, tools, and dishes in small boxes. This makes it easier to lift. Wrap fragile items separately and use bubble wrap to add extra cushioning.

For very delicate items like artwork or glassware, use specialty boxes. These should be designed for packing such items and may have dividers and additional padding to enhance safety. This is why most people hire McLaughlin Transportation to easily move delicate or bulky items and avoid breakages.

  1. Use adequate padding

Use blankets or towels to add more padding to the boxes. You can put this inside the boxes or at the top and bottom to avoid crashing some of the items. Once you pack the boxes, fill in empty spaces with padding to avoid movement in the boxes, which can lead to breakages.

  1. Label the boxes to minimize damage

Label all boxes to show the contents inside. The movers will have an easy time stacking the boxes with an idea of the contents. For instance, boxes containing books and clothes can be placed below others containing fragile items. This helps avoid crashing and breaking fragile items. Labelling also helps in unpacking in your new home.

  1. Disassemble large pieces of furniture

It can be tricky to pack bulky furniture, and it may not fit in the moving truck. Disassemble the parts to ease the move and reduce the risk of injuries. Disassembling also helps fit some bulky pieces in narrow corridors, easing tedious work.

Use strong straps to secure the pieces and ensure stability during transit. But remember to keep the screws and bolts safe; you will need them when assembling the furniture.

Moreover, tape the drawers and shut the dressers and cabinets. This helps prevent them from opening when moving. If moving heavy furniture pieces across floors, use furniture sliders to reduce friction on the legs.

  1. Consider insurance

Ensure all your items are covered; this ensures replacement in case of damage. Hire a mover company that is insured for this eases a lot of stress. If not, ensure your items are against theft and damage during the move. Verify the credentials of the moving company and ensure they are legitimate and trustworthy.


Always pack right and reduce the probability of breakage during your move. Take your time, and be keen with fragile items; you can always use extra padding until your items are secure and well-cushioned. Also, engage professional movers and enjoy a seamless move to your new home!

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