Read to Know All About Vaping CBD

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Researchers have found that CBD is very useful for treating some chronic conditions, e.g. chronic pain and anxiety. However, most of the studies have evaluated the various effects of CBD by taking it orally and but not through vaping or inhalation.

However, the CDC is still against vaping CBD, because the long-term effects of CBD are still not quite well known. However, it has been seen that vaping can help getting into your bloodstream much faster and as a result, you can draw the benefits of CBD almost immediately.

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Vaping CBD oil

Nowadays, people have started using e-cigarettes for vaping any marijuana-based products, which also includes CBD. However, enough studies have not yet been done regarding vaping of CBD oils. So far all the clinical trials that have been undergone regarding CBD are mainly focused on oral capsules, oral solutions, or sublingual sprays.

Those who are living with either asthma or any chronic obstructive pulmonary disease may often prefer to use aerosolized therapies. This kind of delivery system can supply the medication into the lungs directly, which can result in a rapid effect. Generally, most people may also need much smaller doses as compared to oral or injections.

The condensation features of aerosols will make vaping appear to be a more effective method to take CBD. However, as vaping is a relatively new practice still, hence researchers are not very clear about its risks and benefits and need to do further investigations.

Risks of vaping CBD

CBD extracted out of plant Cannabis sativa in the US is still considered a Schedule I drug because FDA still has not approved for its medicinal uses. Neither FDA regulate the production and labeling of various CBD oil products.

Although condensation aerosols by using vape pens are useful delivery systems meant for drugs however the Frontiers of Pharmacology has warned in one article that people should be aware that all products may not contain the same CBD amount that is written on the label.

Without any quality control or regulatory system, people may be exposed to an unknown amount of CBD doses and also many other components, which may carry risks.

As per an article published in the “International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health”, a CBD oil may also contain lower CBD levels than what is printed on the label.

This can also happen because some oils might have been lying in the storage for very long periods. Under such conditions, CBD can promote its instability. As a result, you may get CBD of lower concentrations in your final purchased product.

Of late, doctors too have reported many cases of lung injury among the people who vape. As per the CDC report, people in the USA have received hospital treatment either for using an e-cigarette or vaping, which resulted in lung injury and even the death of 68 people. Therefore, CBD vaping still not an approved way of consuming.

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